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That depends on who you ask. But in my opinion, it is not beautiful or trashy, it’s just a tattoo. Although I think excessive tattoos all over someones body is trashy and/or does not look good to me personally.

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I don’t think they are trashy. Of course, I have tattoos covering my wrists as well as many, many others.

The one you pictured isn’t bad. I like the design but it looks like it needs a good touch up from a good artist. I’m a fan of colors that pop. The wrist is a hard spot to get color to stick well anyways though. For just a wrist tattoo, it’s a little big but I actually like it. Just my opinion

I’m going to assume that you’re thinking of getting that or something similar? My suggestion is to screw what other people think. As long as you like it and it won’t interfere with any responsibilities you have, then go for it. Just make sure you’re shop and artist are clean and educated.

I don’t know your current tattoo situation, but as someone with plenty of visible tattoos I’ll tell you that wrist tattoos are hard to hide. Be sure that they are not going to be a problem before you get them.

As far as your question goes, I dig wrist tattoos. I like tattoos in general though. Like @Blackberry said, there is a point where enough is enough but that’s a discussion for a different day.

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Here’s the thing. I don’t know how old you are, but I always suggest to people that they put tattoos in places that are easily covered in case it is a problem with an employer. If an employer does not allow tattoos to show, if you get a wrist tattoo you will be stuck always wearing long sleeves. I think it was on fluther that a man mentioned that he always wears long sleeves when going to a PTA meeting or anything to do with his child’s school. I have a police friend who cannot wear the short sleeve shirt option of their uniform. A woman who is a lawyer who must always wear long sleeves. A friend with a tattoo at her ankle that now wishes she hadn’t.

If you think this might be a consideration put the tattoo somewhere else.

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@JLeslie is right! If you are going to get visible tattoos, be ready to be a “salt-of-the-Earth”, “behind the scenes” type worker. The entertainment industry makes them look great and all but the professional world really doesn’t enjoy your rebellious self expression. If you get your feelings hurt easily, I’d also suggest a different location because people will be judgmental and honest about them. I don’t regret mine, as I love them, but there have been situations where I wondered if things would have gone differently if I didn’t have them. I’m not trying to deter you from getting a visible tattoo, but you really should think it over first. As long as you are willing to accept the consequences or the bad that comes with the good of having tattoos, then I say go for it.

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I’ve got a wrist tattoo, hopefully it doesn’t hinder my standings in the world in the eyes of employers in my future. It hasn’t hindered my work ethic, and its become a lot more acceptable in society today.

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I’ve got a tattoo on my foot, and my boss doesn’t mind… mostly because I work at an art school. I also have a tattoo on my arm that would need long sleeves to cover, but it’s all white so it’s not as noticeable.

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Bad artwork is trashy.

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All tattoos used to be powerfully transgressive until every mall rat started having them. Now they are a universal bore.

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As @lucillelucillelucille said, its all about the art.

Any tattoo can be trashy, it all depends on what one decides to get and how good the artist is.

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What does ‘trashy’ mean anyway? I hate that term. Anyway, I don’t like the tattoo pictures but it’s simply not my taste. I have a wrist tattoo, just a word ‘Breathe’ on my inner left and I never cover it up – nor do I cover it up for interviews. I understand all about employment but I happen to think that I have one life to live and I love my tattoos and I don’t think employers should give two shits about my tattoos and though I will cover, given some occasions and some broom up their ass people, I hope the tide is shifting and it matters less and less.

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me being 14 i think there pretty, but i also think it depends on what tattoo you get.

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It’s not the location, its more the quality, artwork, and theme behind it.

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