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Aah... How do you relax?

Asked by AustieZ (363points) May 27th, 2010

After a long hard day of work (or not-work) how do you relax and unwind?

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In the summer months I usually go for a swim. Swimming feels amazing after a long hard day. When it’s too cold to swim I usually find a quiet place and read a book. Or I write about my day.

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Winter Spring Summer or Fall

The ocean is my port of call

To stretch, to tan, relax and more

I always find the ocean shore

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Play my guitar and or read.

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And what cruiser says – sometimes at the beach.

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Take my dogs up on the moors for a long walk.

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@Cruiser That is exactly what my SO does….. each day!

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Tea, doodling, and music like this.

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Glass of wine and a good book.

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Go to zenlee’s question about the most beautiul thing to see upon awakening.

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I walk and walk and walk and walk and walk…and sometimes paint :)

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@vbabe96 is right. A swim is the most relaxing thing I can think of. Yeah, just got our seasonal pool passes yesterday! The pool opens Saturday.

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I don’t, even when my eyes are shut.

But I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, no satisfaction.

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When I want to relax, I initiate the three T’s: Tea, TV, Treats (anything sweet).

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Hanging out with my friends drinking Jones Soda.

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Listen to one of my many jumbled-up playlists on shuffle…...curl up in the sun with a fuzzy blankie & my girlfriends…...drink some warm milk…...& take a snooze.

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Listen to music while I take a bubble bath.

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Three fingers of the heavenly Dram

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