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European McDonald's worker transfer to USA?

Asked by James17555 (204points) May 27th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m 19, French and I’d like to move to the USA in about a year. In order to do so, I thought I might get a job at McDonalds and have them transfer me to NYC next year…

Do you think they can do that? Is it probable that they’ll do it, or improbable?

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They won’t “transfer” you and pay for it. They may give you a job over here. I’m not sure where you want to come and live but a job at McDonald’s here won’t be much of a living wage unless you are in management. At 19, I doubt you can. You can move here and find better jobs than that.

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That’s not going to happen. Even if it did, you can’t live on McDonald’s wages in New York City.

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Since you are 19 I am assuming you won’t have a senior executive level job, and so no you won’t be able to transfer and get working papers through McDonalds. However, it is possible that you can simply apply to get a working visa in America. The US still has a quota system, and since the French are not coming over to the US in huge numbers, it might not be that difficult to do it on your own. Here is the government immigration website

Also, since you are young you might want to consider coming as an exchange student? Or, working for a family as an au pair of sorts.

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Um, your profile says you want to go to France?

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I don’t think it works that way, at least not for the average replaceable burgerflipper.

Besides McDonalds pays shit even here where workers’ unions have most multinationals by the balls, what do you think they will pay you in the US?

If you want to move in the NY area you should consider New Jersey, it’s cheaper and it would probably be a little easier to live on a burgerflipper’s wage.

Then again i don’t have much actual data on my hands, so take this advice with a grain of salt.

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To answer your question, the answer is NO. . . . Mc Donald’s restaurants are mostly owned by different operators, so a transfer is highly unlikely even for management personnel.

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It’s more probable that they would send you to the Moon.

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You can come here on a J visa during the summer to work for up to 4 months. This is a program that many europeans take. Just a warning though, the job you get probably will be at a McDonald’s or similar bad job, and might not be close to a city. More info is here
Being a camp counselor could be a great activity to interact with americans. But very far away from nyc. Info here

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hi, im a shift manager at mcdonalds, and im thinking about a move to L.A for a bit.whats the manager wage like over there? cheers Paul

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