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What Is a good small gift to give to your S.O. randomly?

Asked by brinkofit (175points) May 27th, 2010

Besides flowers and chocolate?

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Guy or girl?

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Box of money?

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A gift card to their favorite store.

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Oops, sorry, I was thinking of a girl.

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Anything unexpected is great. Gift certificate for a restaurant, movie tickets, bubble bath, pedicure gift certificate, clean the toilets one day.

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A short note from you declaring your love.

A poem.

A piece of jewelry.

Anything you know that she wants.

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If she has a favorite picture of the two of you, buy a really nice frame, insert the photo, put the frame back in its box, and wrap a ribbon around the box.

That same picture can be printed onto a really fun mousepad.

If she likes wine, you can buy a good bottle for a very reasonable price. Take her someplace special—a park, your front porch, a riverbank—and share the wine.

Is there anything local that she’s always wanted to visit but never does? We all have places that we walk or drive by—museums, historic buildings, interesting stores, natural attractions—and say, “I’d really like to go there sometime.” You could spend a morning or afternoon making one of those things happen.

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I was going to say a mix-tape or CD but I guess that is so 90s.

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Body paint! Use it together! XD I prefer silver….

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I’m female and like all of @marinelife‘s answers!
A short note from you declaring your love
Yes! Take this to a Kinko’s and have them print out the words on a bookmark, pretty card or even… a mousepad.

A poem
I’ve had a few of these over the years and will admit to keeping them tucked away to read over now and then.

A piece of jewelry
A charm bracelet given with a starter charm representing something signifigant to you as a couple.

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Emeralds. She loved ‘em!

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Oh my, Emeralds! Lovelier than diamonds or Sapphires, who wouldn’t appreciate?

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Emeralds?!?! Come on, ladies, he asked for “small gift” suggestions!

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Small gifts:

Small plush animal or character from a favored comic, game or show.

Miniature porcelain animals- find one you think she’ll like and with a sharpie pen write the date on the bottom of it and with a red sharpie draw a little heart.

Miniature blown glass items- find one you think she’ll like or a little series of them to display.

A song dedication on a radio station or a song download forwarded to her that speaks to how you feel about her or the two of you together.

A roll of stickers made from a candid photo of you kissing on her.

A “keyfinder” ornament. It’s a hook for her purse than has a clip for the keys on the other end. They come enamelled and jewelled.

Purse charm, key fob, coin purse or memo book from her favorite designer brand.

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@Primobabe 4–8 ct is a good “small” gift.~

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Even a .50 ct. in any cut of a quality emerald would make an excellent small gift~

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@Neizvestnaya For the lady I worshipped loved, nothing was too good.

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Does she have any favorite foods or beverages? If she likes blueberry jam on her toast, you could find a really nice jar at any gourmet store. If she has a weakness for cupcakes, surprise her with a box from the neighborhood bakery. If she’s a Diet Coke fan, she’d probably love having her refrigerator stocked with a couple of six-packs.

None of these gifts would be excessive or costly, but they’d show her that you pay attention and notice the things that she enjoys. That might be the greatest gift of all.

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My husband just brought me a DVD player so I can watch movies in the playroom while I am supervising the grandson’s, or while they are watching their shows on the big TV. Try to think of something like that – she needs but would never get herself.

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What kind of relationship do you have? I’ve lived with my bf’s so a gift brought of say, mini mart flowers, a candy bar and favorite juice was really nice to come home to. Here’s a few more things:

portable flashdrive
iPod/touch case
game card or gaming acct.
netflix account

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Does she have any hobbies or special interests?

I’m passionate about cooking and baking, so I always appreciate anything for my kitchen. I have a lifelong obsession with the Boston Red Sox, so I enjoy things things related to the team (my brother sent me a mini-model of Fenway Park, which sits proudly on my bedroom dresser). I love dolphins, so my husband surprised me with a matching set of dolphin earrings and necklace.

These sorts of gifts are personal and chosen just for the recipient, and they’re usually very well-received.

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@dpworkin A small box of money. ;)

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I snuck mine a love letter earlier today. =) He was beaming when he found it.

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Look, I don’t know why my first thought was : blow job but that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

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I´m a chocoholic so I have to suggest chocolates. I would also say that anything related to hobbies is obviously a good gift, even though it´s sometimes hard to pick out.

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You may think flowers and chocolates are run of the mill but they are treats some women won’t buy for themselves but would love to receive. Can you find out if she’s got a favorite special candy, maybe something usually enjoyed only at holiday time? Just about every mini mart and grocery stores sells cut flowers, not only roses.

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Maybe a small finger vibe? (if you REALLY want her to have a good time, include extra batteries!)

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Wow, some really great answers! Especially @Primobabe

We don’t live together and have only been seeing each other for a couple of months. I just want to surprise her right now. Thanks for suggesting a lot of good ideas!

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