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Should I tell my friend the girl he has been seeing has a boyfriend?

Asked by goose756 (655points) May 27th, 2010

My guy friend has recently been seeing this girl. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in years and he’s a really sweet guy, but he is the type to get fixated on the first girl that gives him that much attention. He doesn’t know her very well at all, but he already seems to like her quite a bit. I found out that she has a boyfriend through another mutual friend at work, but he doesn’t know this. Is it my place to tell him, or what should I do??

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That is a tough one, since you only have the information second hand. I think I would leave that one alone (maybe she is fixing to leave the other guy and you could mess it up).

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Tell him if and only if she starts dating him before dumping the other guy.

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I agree with @Kayak8. If you can confirm this information then I could see having a private talk with the girl telling her what you know and asking her what she wants out of your friend. Give her the chance to tie up loose ends or tell your friend herself she dates more than one guy at a time. You never know, your friend may know and be all right with just having the chance to get to know her better.

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Or you can, matter-of-factly, tell him that boys and girls alike sometimes date more then one girl or boy at a time.
Maybe that will alert him and maybe he will then ask her if she is exclusively dating him or if she is dating someone else too?

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Tell him – he’s your friend. At least let him know that possibility is out there before he falls hard!

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You should mention it to your friend and let him decide what to do we the relationship . . . BUT, you need to be able to back up your claim and not act on hearsay.

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In the situation you describe I would tell.

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yeah tell him before he thinks its a serious relationship and then he will just get hurt !

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