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What is good posture, and how does one maintain it?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) May 27th, 2010

I think my posture could use some help. How do you get, and maintain a good posture. Is good posture just aesthetically pleasing?

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Good posture gives you height, gives the appearance of confidence, and I am thinking is better overall for back health. I have been losing my good posture from sitting and laying around too much.

I think good posture comes from strengthening the muscles of the back. The straighter you are, the more you correct your posture, the more the muscles will strengthen and good posture will become “normal” for you. When I was young I took ballet, and my PE teacher in school would make us sit up straight, and my grandmother used to do the same. I was constantly being corrected and it worked, I had fantastic posture back then, I would get complements on it, and also told I had a long neck, was graceful.

In ballet a straight back is emphasized, while in other disciplines like gymnastics and cheerleading an arch in the back is observed. Today in America an arched back, what I think of as sway back seems to be desireable (I don’t mean that gymnasts are sway back) and I find it odd.

Ballet, yoga, and pilates should help with posture, most dance for that matter, along with demanding it of yourself in general.

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@JLeslie gave a really good answer, but one thing to add is that you shouldn’t be completely straight. Your back naturally has 2 (kind of 3) curves. It’s kind of hard to describe though. Try googling it. You’ll get some really good articles and pictures.

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I wanted to add that when strightening your back your shoulders should still be relaxed and low. Many people tense up their shoulders when they try to stand straight.

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You may wish to learn something about the Alexander Method. A lot of dancers use Alexander techniques to improve body alignment.

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Your question just made me sit up straight!

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sitting crossed-legged forces the spine into proper alignment. keep your shoulders back and your chin level with your shoulders is good practice.

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