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Is there a way to block restricted numbers on your cell phone without changing your number?

Asked by AshlynM (10592points) May 28th, 2010

The phone company can’t help me.

I get these harassing restricted calls at least 3 times a day. I like to have a phone in case I need to use for an emergency and I don’t want to change my number.

I wonder why there isn’t a blocking option on the phone itself? Do phone companies leave this feature off on purpose or do they not have the capabilities to block annoying calls?

Or is it the manufacturer of the cell phone that’s responsible?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “restricted numbers”.

Restricted by whom?

I do know that when I first got my ATT phone number, I was getting calls from a very unfamiliar set of numbers.

By that I mean not the typical US configuration of 3digit area code followed by four numbers.

ATT kept telling me they couldn’t block it cuz it wasn’t a landline. I wasn’t really satisfied with that and in trying to get something done, I found out it was a number originating from some African country.

So I figured it could be an attempt by one of those Nigerian scams so prevalent on the Internet.

After screaming at them several times to stop calling me, I figured out a better solution.

International calls can get really expensive for the caller but not the recipient.
Since they were making an international call, the entire expense was incurred by them.

So, whenever I recognized that number, I never said anything but didn’t hang up either. Hanging up on them just had them calling back several more times that day.

So, just left the line active with no sound for however long it took them to realize that they were paying through the nose for a lot of dead airtime.

It only took about a dozen or so times more of this for them to get tired of wasting money and take me off their list. Have never heard from that number again for the last two years.

If the annoyance calls you’re getting are outside of your country, I hope this helps.

If not, you probably won’t get too far with the cell phone company.

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I save the number as “Spam” and set the ringtone to silent. They can still call the number but it does not ring the phone.

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I pretty much go the same route as @DrBill. In addition I use a silent ring by default and maintain a customized white-list of numbers that actually ring.

This might also help depending on the type of call you are receiving. If a spam number pops up on my call history I’ll report them. I’ve noticed a couple of the numbers I’ve reported have stopped calling but that could just be coincidence, either way it doesn’t hurt and only takes a couple seconds.

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@DrBill She can’t save the number because it is restricted, which means the number has been blocked and is unknown to the recipient. You can’t block these calls, but usually they stop after a while. This has happened to me, I’d get calls from Unknown and it would be some bullshit. I never picked up and eventually the calls stopped.

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Obviously the only thing that you should do, is get a new phone number, and keep the new number only for your family, and friends.

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There is on my phone. I have an LG Xenon GR500, but I think all phones have this option.. Go in to settings, and find on your phone where it says block numbers, or redirect numbers, etc.. You should be able to enter into your phone somewhere a specific number. If not, sometimes there’s an option… when the phone rings and the ‘unspecified number’ pops up (without the actual number information), that you can select to ‘block’ the call in the future.. You can also find this information in your phone’s ‘recent call’ information page, or list… Good luck. If none of the above suggestions work. Call your phone company by calling ‘0’ and ask them how to do it. They’ll tell you exactly what cha need to do.

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