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How much pleasure do you get from swallowing?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) May 28th, 2010 from iPhone

There it is, a great big hunk of juicy hot meat. Your mouth is watering just looking at it. So you take a bite. It is very tender and full of flavor. You chew it deliberately, until it is ready to be swallowed. How much of this delightful meal comes from actually swallowing?

Would you feel deprived if you had already had a decent meal and after chewing up this steak spitting it out?

Just how much pleasure do you get from swallowing?

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Shouldn’t this question have NSFW in front of it?

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There’s nothing better than swallowing ice cream when I have a sore throat.

@AstroChuck…get your mind out of the gutter little boy. ;)

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Mmm… good question. I don’t think swallowing in and of itself gives all that much pleasure, but as you said, spitting it would feel weird.

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Like a wine taster?

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Never thought about this before, and it’s really kind of hard to gauge… but you are right. It is actually really enjoyable to swallow.

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The chewing part is a pain-in-the-ass. ~ Swallowing? Meh. Full belly? Git in mah bellay. Happy.

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I think it has a huge impact on the enjoyment I get out of my food. You want to taste the flavors and feel the textures in your mouth, but you want to complete the sensation by feeling it glide down and plop into your tum tum.

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I have actually had that issue where I had already eaten and spoiled a delicious meal because of such. I see the point of your question; IMO (of course) the pleasure of “swallowing” is just a psychological stigma that focuses on relieving my desire to sedate what my mind perceives as a “fix”. So, in reality, there shouldn’t be pleasure, it should just Be. =/ IMO (of course); By the way, the headline is hilarious.

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Chewing/tasting are the biggest part of my enjoyment, followed by filling my belly. The actual swallowing is just a means to an end. Gets me from Point A to Point B. Like a plain hallway connecting two fantastic rooms.

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Kind of like taking a dump, (gory details to follow.) I mean there’s a strange satisfaction in squeezing a big boy out, a real eye watering chocolate log, a beast of a poopy. In relation to eating, the fun part is over.Flushing like swallowing doesn’t really add to the experience, for me anyhoo.Shitty conversation over now thank goodness.

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What @augustlan said. Chewing and spitting out wouldn’t be satisfying because the mastication followed by the food arriving in my stomach is what is satisfying. Swallowing is something I don’t pay much attention to, unless I have a sore throat.. and then in that case, I truly do enjoy swallowing ice cold juice, ice cream, and the liquid created from sucking on Chloroseptic lozenges.

@ucme – You really are on an offensive, disgusting streak today, aren’t you?

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A lot, swallowing means my tummy will stop growling. The thing about chewing and spitting out though, I understand because I’ve done it for when I’m craving foods I know will just make me sick if I swallow them. Nothing smells better to me than a fresh glazed donut, all plump airy and lightly crusted. I can pull it open, smell up the dough, take a nice bite and chew but then spit it before getting done in by the sugar dump.

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@MissAnthrope Well now, just exactly how the fuck did that happen I wonder.

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@ucme Lmao. That was fucking epic.

As for this question, well about as subtle as a sledgehammer, aren’t we? XD

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@ucme While I don’t entirely agree, that was highly entertaining. Lurve.

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@Symbeline & @ubersiren Hush my potty mouth ;¬}

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Think of chewing as foreplay, tasting as intercourse, and swallowing as the orgasm.

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wow. i really thought this question was about giving head for the first few sentences. um. i would say most of the enjoyment from food is from when it’s in my mouth. swallowing is like getting rid of it so meh. and right now, my throat hurts so badly that swallowing is so painful every 2 minutes that i have to literally grab onto something when i do it to handle myself. :(

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As those fortune cookies say, to eat is sex, lulz.

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