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About what shade was the skin of Jesus Christ?

Asked by bolwerk (10317points) May 29th, 2010

Black like Wesley Snipes? Chocolate-vanilla like Osama bin Laden? White as Brad Pitt? A mellow brown like Robert Beltran? Perhaps some kind of mix, like Lisa Bonet?

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Nothing. He never existed.

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I have always been intrigued by the question of how to visualize characters from the Bible. I would think that as all this action took place in Israel, all of the principals involved would have been pretty swarthy—quite different from the popular imagery of Jesus in America.

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If he existed, probably swarthy as @colin said.

I would pay good money to witness the ruckus that would ensue if this was determined to be fact.

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I think Jesus probably existed and that he was a prophet, but I personally do not believe he was the son of God. In any case, I’ve always been amused by the constant depiction in the West of Jesus as a Caucasian. Seeing as he came from the Middle East, I would very much assume that he had brown skin.

I mean, think about it. If he were white, he would have been sunburnt to hell, right?And even after the sunburn passed, he’d end up pretty darn tan. So… brown skin, either way.

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He probably looked like this guy – being of Israeli decent.

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How old do you think I am???LOL

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@Seek_Kolinahr That picture wasn’t kosher.

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He wasn’t eating the pig. ...though, he does look like he’s thinking “mmmm… unprocessed bacon… drool

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None of us have seen him, so why ask?

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I’m going to take a wild guess here. Maybe it was a little flushed, quite possibly crimson, right after he got through finger banging Peter.You shall deny me thrice.Fuck yeah.

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He was dark skinned I’m guessing. Kind of Hallie Berry brown with a tint of olive.

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr—He was of Israeli descent so He had brown-ish skin. :) Isaiah also tells us that he wasn’t handsome, like so many pictures depict Him.

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Well, Isaiah also died 500 years before the book of Matthew was written. Just sayin’.

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He was pink with blue dots everywhere. He also shot lightning out of his ass and fire from his eyes.

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Jesus probably had a Mediterranean complexion. A lot of the Judeans at the time were mixed up with the Greco-Romans.

@XOIIO, I’m probably one of the most aggressively atheist people here—but I think that it’s an extremely unconsidered claim to say that Jesus never existed. A Judean cult leader named Jesus almost certainly existed. Consider this:

The earliest Christian writings we have are from Paul, around 50 AD. Now, if you don’t think Jesus existed, that means Paul and Peter made up his character from scratch, right? But that is contradicted by the historical record. Because we know from Paul’s writings that there was already a well-formed cult centered around Jesus when he started writing. In fact, this cult was already so developed that it had split into sects.

So, if Paul and Peter just “made Jesus up,” that leaves a gaping hole in the historical record—where did his cult come from?

It’s not a controversial claim to say that a guy named Yeshua started a mystery-religion inspired cult around 30 AD and got crucified. There were many such cults. And it’s also the simplest explanation. Occam’s razor should tell you that Jesus existed.

Now, did he actually walk on water, raise people from the dead, etc? Of course not. Likewise, Muhammad didn’t actually fly up into the sky on a flying donkey, as his followers later claimed. But Muhammad certainly existed. Just because a historical figure has a bunch of legends and myths associated with him doesn’t mean that figure is imaginary.

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Jesus was probably very dark. He came of working people, spent much of his time outdoors. Further, he was not Israeli, he was a Middle Eastern Jew in a country invaded from every point of the compass at one time or another; and which, further, was a thoroughfare connecting Asia Minor and North Africa. His ancestry must have been very mixed.

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If he existed, I imagine he would have been the same as any typical Middle-Easterner.

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Base of the geography I would say closest in skin tine to the actor that played Sayid Jarrah of “Lost.” You could follow the crowd that says he never was while they believe in a black hole they never seen or been to.

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