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Choose Your Lifestyle: Leisure or Successful Executive?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 30th, 2010

Let’s say you’re fifty.You must choose between one of these: no debt, great house, nice husband/wife/so buys your clothes,etc. days spent shopping modestly, reading/tv/pc being with family..OR.. credit card debt, apartment living, single, up at six am, put on designer duds, work in a huge office nine hours 5 days a week and bring in 200K a year?

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The latter, too much boredom makes life not worth it. I even get bored on vacations.

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I’ll take the first one. Gives me plenty of time to explore creative pursuits. I have no desire to chase the Almighty Dollar.

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Unless someone’s a true workaholic, can there really be any choice? I’ll take option #1.

By the way, I’m curious why you lump “credit card debt” in with your description of a successful executive. Anyone, regardless of income bracket or lifestyle, can either be buried under debt or be debt-free. Also, if the executive’s earning such a generous salary, he/she might have excess disposable income and plenty of money to buy all the fancy toys; no credit card debt.

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@Primobabe Of course you’re right. I don’t know why I did that.

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I choose the first one.

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The first option. I disagree with spending the majority of one’s life working and being away from people you love.

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Absolutely the first option.

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At this stage of my life, leisure.

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@Facade I couldn’t agree more. Has anyone ever been on his death bed, regretting a wonderful beach day with his children 1972 and really, really wishing that he’d spent that day at the office?

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I am 50 and apart from the bit about shopping you have described my life to a T. I hate shopping and I avoid it like the plague.

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Well, I don’t see how you could get to number one without going through number two, in some way, at some point in your life…..

@Silhouette I HATE shopping too!

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