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Any realy good cases for the iPhone?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 15th, 2008

Preferrably under $30 but if it’s higher still tell me.

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griffin clear plastic case is good I dropped my iPhone and it was fine

Then there’s an AT&T brand belt case that’s leather

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Paul frank makes some great cute cases. Cost about $20 at the apple store

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I have the one that is made of cork(from the apple store) Its functional but also beautiful: its unique and gives the phone a more organic feel. Its a keeper for me!!!

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I want a cheetah / leopard spotted one but I can’t find any, only for the iPod Nano…

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iskin revo

Rubber with places that are thick enough to absorb drops

Has a plastic piece to cover the screen when not in use then take it off and fits on the backside while you use your phone

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I HAVE the revo, and love it. But it gets stuck in my pocket and makes the phone way too thick.

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I have a pink one made by incase that I bought from the apple store. All rubber, not bulky, $30.
And also have a white hard plastic case that I bought from, made by incase too. The bottom of the case comes off so you can set it on the dock. Its not sold in stores yet. Was $35. Not bulky also

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That is the one I want to get. My friend has one and it is VERY nice looking.

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The company that made mine is called Contour. Its hard plastic, clear, and has rubber ‘feet’ on the back so it doesn’t slide off of things.

Its kept my phone in perfect condition. I love it. It also still looks like an iphone, so the sexy factor isn’t lost.

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@ fortris and babirurtle36: it’s called the incase slider. white is glossy and has a “mac” look to it. black is glossy too. I have both. very sleek looking and doesnt add any bulk. fits perfectly and snug.

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I have two really great cases. The first is made by speck and I got it at the apple store. Real rubbery. Dropped my iPhone and it was totally okay. $30.

The 2nd is made by a company in my hometown. The company is called otterbox and youncan get if off the Internet. Its totally waterproof! Which is great for a lot of things. This one, however, is like $60. But I know the kid who’s dad owns otterbox. So mine was free.

Also I would recomend those clear plastic shhets you can put over the screen of your iPhone. I’ve had one on mine for over four months now (the same one) and my screen looks great. When I take that thing off it will be like the glass was never touched. You can also get these at the apple store.
I know that was much more than you asked for. Sometimes I tend to babble

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I have the iSkin by Revo, too. I love it!

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@jibll420 I saw the otterbox earlier and it’s not totaly waterproof, it can have water on it, but not be submerged in water.

And everyone, I have decided on the Vaja i-volution SP. If anyone know where I can get it cheap tell me.

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I use the Eco Shield from the Apple store along with a static cling screen protector. They work great. I take the Case off daily and wipe down the phone and inside of the case with a micro fiber cloth or old cotton shirt to get any accumulated dirt or dust off. I don’t have a single scuff or scratch yet.

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the new incase slider. The black is awesome I have it and it is nice.

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I think the incass slider is the best case hands down! Slim, hard plastic, great design and easy to dock

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