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How does one really make Clint Eastwood's day?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10885points) June 2nd, 2010

If given that Dirty Harry is not merely a character this man portrays, but rather a direct translation of Clint Eastwoods personality onto the screen, then how would one actually make his day?

It is clear that the criminal he asks this question (3:31), will not really make his day by killing the hostage. So I was just wondering, if Clint Eastwood or his character in this movie (if that makes it easier for you) were going to really have a great day, and you were the one who was going to make it great, how would you go about it.

I don’t think he wants to go to a broadway musical.

Clint Eastwood, feel free to respond…

Also, if you have ever actually made his day please tell us that too…

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Mix up his fiber drink really, really good so it isn’t gritty, and he can be nice and regular.

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I’d give him this set of .44 Magnum pistols as a birthday present. I think it would seriously make his day.

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I’d take him golfing, let him win and buy him a cold one. ;)

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@Cruiser when you say cold one, I bet you would make sure that beer was pretty damn cold.

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Any which way you can
Wink wink wink ;)

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I actually did make Clint Eastwood’s day by shooting a hostage. In his defense, though, the hostage was being a whiny asshole.

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Make him a sandwich. Hey, it’d make my day.

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Give him the nuclear launch codes (after making sure the missiles were pointed into deep space).

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Now, stop him from wanting to take a piss several times through the night & a shit load of viagra, keep his pecker up. It’d certainly make my day if I could meet the guy.The man’s a legend, one of my heroes certainly.

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He’d have to hire me as his agent.

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I’d stay off his lawn.

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Take a dump on his next door neighbors lawn.

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Ima borrow on @lucillelucillelucille theme and say I’d turn him every which way but loose and I’d kick him down a blow job for good measure. :o)

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@Silhouette – You bad girl. That would make his day.

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I would strike him off the Dead Pool.

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I will make his day by not mentioning Bronco Billy or Sondra Locke :)

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Sondra Locke he he, good idea @Merriment

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Not bother him while he is eating Huevos Rancheros and listening to Miles Davis.

He goes to a restaurant near my house

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whiskey and a blow job

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If given that Dirty Harry is not merely a character this man portrays, but rather a direct translation of Clint Eastwoods personality onto the screen, then how would one actually make his day?

I think it would make his day if one didn’t work off of this assumption. (See “Gran Torino” for something closer to his actual take on violence.)

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop kiddo, that ain’t actin’

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Also, I was not portraying Clint Eastwood as violent for nothing. It seems that Dirty Harry was a guy trying to get justice by any necessary force. This very moment in question, where he says make my day, is a show of restraint . . .

If Gran Torino is toned down a notch, maybe it is because it is quite a few years later. But Clint Eastwood’s movies are full of violence, even Gran Torino and this man’s obvious grit.

Would someone like to deny that this man has some personal grit that is not merely a character he portrays?

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I think my next fluther question is “What can I do to be more like Clint Eastwood?”. Seems like plenty of the ladies here are more than willing to smile like a donut for the guy.

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@filmfann Are you in Carmel? What a lovely town!

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@Dr_Dredd No, he goes fishing up north, near Shingletown

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If he fishes, like filmfan says, then I’d take him to my hometown in Montana to catch brown trout the size of his arm.

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I am not a fisherman, so I don’t understand a lot of the differences about it, but Clint is a fly fisherman. Do you catch trout doing that?

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Yes. Sometimes. My hometown is close to legendary for some of it’s trout waters. In my youth (70’s) people came from all over the world to pay $75 per fish, and then had to let them go. They pay a lot more now.

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