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What food network personality "turns you on" to, well, cooking?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) June 2nd, 2010

i love to cook and i love the food channel. when i watch it, i get “turned on” to hooking up a really cool dish, but then on the flipside, i can’t help being, well, “turned on.”

for me, it’s giada, sandra lee, claire robinson, aida, etc.
but then on the culinary side, tyler and bobby get my attention.

is it the food or the personality who grabs your attention? why?

think you could be a food network star chef?

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I get turned on by a man standing in my kitchen cooking; not by anyone on t.v.

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and then there’s this english woman who cooks stuff in dim lights with cleavage with a penchant for midnight snacks and early dawn fare.

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@janbb i guess i would be that man for you. i love to cook any day any time…

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Alton Brown. I like science, not boobs.

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I also second Alton Brown. I’m not really into science, but he can make it interesting.
Everyone else on the Food Network annoys me. Especially Guy Fieri. You can shove that “kulinary gangsta” style up your sunburned ass

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Guy Fieri is a hack who couldn’t cook a hamburger if his life depended on it.

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It depends on the food itself. I think if it’s my taste and it’s worth for it then I’ll my best to make it. But I like when Nigella Lawson teach me how to cook.

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I had a dream about alton brown once. Michael symon would be fun to hang with.

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Paula Deen. One woman I don’t feel guilty, dreaming about bitch slapping.

Over a plate of fried chicken.

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It’s not the cooks, its the people behind the scenes that make the food look good.

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guy fieri is very good with man food.

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IMHO Food Network used to be a whole lot better when they weren’t so focused upon the personalities over the food.

Most of their lineup now consists of stupid contests and eye candy. How can you learn anything by watching someone else tasting the food without a clue about a recipe for how it’s prepared? (Iron Chef, Diners Drive-Ins etc )

But there remain yet a few who still possess solid culinary knowledge but they’re relegating them to weird hours. Primetime is just a wasteland (with the notable exception of Alton).

The ones I will set my DVR for are Anne Burrell (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef). Tyler Florence (Tylers Ultimate) Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) Alex Guarneschelli (not currently on) and Nigella Lawson (the aforementioned British lady)

I really miss David Rosengarten (the Dean and deLuca Cookbook) from the old days. He would take one ingredient or recipe at a time and thoroughly research its history and investigate all the different ways of preparing it to come up with the best way. This is sort of similar to the approach taken by ATK (on PBS) nowadays.

Overall, I will go out of my way to watch many PBS cooking shows. Food Network is more likely the one I’ll watch if there’s nothing else on and I’d like some background noise.

I don’t really learn anything useful by watching all these contest shows or travel/eating excursions. Just useless eye candy.

Food Networks better days are behind them, sadly.

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I would eat Rachel Ray’s…............fruit… a bat outta hell.

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love love giada and used to love rachel ray, she makes everything seem like anyone could make it. i equally love and loathe bobby flay… he’s got some cocky attitude but seems like he’s good at what he does.

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I have had fantasies about Alton Brown cooking for me…

Why is it that I find a man cooking for me very stimulating?

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Ina and Nigella.

They both can whip up some tasty noms. Ina, my Mom thought that she was a “handsome woman”. Nigella, for me, when she cooks and tries her own food – sensual. She’s a babe.

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There are a couple of things about Giada I like but I just can’t get a grasp on what it is.


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Most of the hosts on food network sadly suck now a days.

But, i must say, ALTON BROWN IS THE MAN. He, unlike many others on food network, both knows how to cook, and teaches a lot along the way. I love that he not only tells you how to do something, but why you do such and what will happen if you do it wrong.

Guy Fierasfdssadf is a douchebag.
Rachel Ray needs to shut the fuck up…god that voice is just ehghhh
Bobby Flay aka “Mr im the greatest thing since ever but lose 90% of the time on faceoff or showdown or whatever the hell its called
Giada looks like a bobblehead
Emeril is fat and disgusting. Cant say i was ever fond of him though
And paula deen…..egh like seriously does she know there are other ingredients out there aside from pounds of butter? And for fucks sake if i see that woman lick her fingers and then stick them into the bowl one more time! “Ohhh how homey” No… its fucking nasty, wash your god damn hands when your cooking.


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