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What is the best online stock trading website?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) June 3rd, 2010

I want to start playing with stocks, and I want to use an online stock site like etrade. I am a beginner at stocks in general.

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I like Trades are only $5. There is no minimum other than there must be one trade every six months.

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paper and pencil for 6 months. Write your starting capital, then each trade you make. No eraser allowed. Remember to count commissions.

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No one can really claim to be the best – it depends on what your priorities are, price? research tools? features? trading tools? ... etc. I know a couple good ones: Scotttrade and TD Ameritrade, but quite a few others are good too. Start with one and soon you will learn enough to make your own judgement. Also check this out:

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Charles Schwab has been good for me although seems good. The best approach is to obtain information from each and see which one would meet your needs best.

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We use E*Trade, and my husband has learned most of his trading knowledge from a combination of their training section and (click on How to Invest).

He always does a lot of research on a company before he invests in it, looking at past performance and any other relevant information, such as future prospects.

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Etrade is so user friendly but I worry it’ll close down because of the stock’s 10–1 reverse split. I also use Scottrade but it’s not nearly as nice.

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I trade with TD AMERITRADE…“Good!”

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