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How i can get him back?

Asked by memo (12points) June 3rd, 2010

its my very first time writing a blog like this, so im kinda scared! :P but im hoping that u guys will have some good comments on wot im about to write and the story im about to tell u
im a 23-year-old girl/woman/female(wotever u call it!), almost 2years ago i got to know this guy who is 4 years older than me
my boyf is so jealous
he told me if i want him i should never betrayed him with boys, I promise him i’ll never do that. then he traveling to study abroad, but after 2 month i was in restaurant with my friend. we saw 2 boys then she start to speaking to them, then they asked us to eat breakfast with them. after that my boyf feeling i betrayed him, than he told me he feels i did some thing wrong.
I was scared cuz he was screaming me than i told him I sleep with another man and I dont want u I hate your way with me .
he thinks I betrayed him. because I told him I have relationship with another boy.
how I can get him back to me. because I love him till die
is that clear now

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You should leave him be. If he wants you back, he’ll come get you.

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Wot? No fix relationship. Find another.

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I can’t read text speak so I stoped reading halfway through. Maybe re-type your question using English and we can help you.

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what she said ^

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Did you sleep with someone else?

Just having breakfast with someone is not betraying your bf. Are you sure that you want to be with a man who is that jealous? He’ll be watching your every move, checking your phone, cutting you off from your friends.

Leave him.

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no i didn’t.
i never sleep with any one except him ?
but I told him that I slept with someone else, I have lied to him.
he think I slept with someone else caz I’ve lied to him

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OK, why did you lie to him?

I stick with my answer. I think you were afraid of him, and you told him you slept with someone else, because you knew on some level that he would dump you.

Listen to that inner voice. This is a scary guy.

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Your BF sounds like a control freak.

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I told him that cuz he bother me
he said I know you have another boy.
when i swear to him. he said I know you’ve been slept with someone else
then he was yelling , who is the person?
I was upset when he doesn’t believe me.
then I started lie
idk ! why but I lost my control ):

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Perhaps concentrate on learning how to make more mature decisions in your relationships.

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