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Where to find great hotel rates in Atlantic City, NJ?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) June 3rd, 2010

I’m going to Atlantic City, NJ next week (Thursday-Saturday) and can’t seem to find any deals for hotel accomodations at the casinos. I insist on staying at a casino hotel, but all their prices for Friday or Saturday are $140 and up. Why don’t Atlantic City offer hotel deals like Vegas?

Any suggestions on where to find hotel package deals in Atlantic City?

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Have you tried or You can often get good rates on them.

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@janbb thanks, I’ve tried everywhere. All the rate were pretty much the same. So I’m going with There giving me $25 back after I complete my stay.;-) (couldn’t ask for more than that)

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If you get the ‘Star Card’ and use it to get points, you will eventually get deals. It’s similar to a miles card for airlines, you buy stuff and get points.

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@Blackberry lol! I know about those cards. Sorry there’s no way I could play that much to earn that many points.

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@AmWiser In Reno and Las Vegas, they give you a discount just for signing up for the card. We often receive free room offers in the mail for a Sunday – Thursday night on our ‘play’ cards. Weekends are never discounted.

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