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MacBook Pro screen goes black, any solution?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) June 3rd, 2010

A few weeks ago I got my Macbook Pro then it had some issue with the screen flickering and goes black so I sent it back for repair now it’s back from repair and I’m checking out if it’s all good but apparently not because now the screen just randomly decides to go black at a random time. I try to move the mouse around click some keys but nothing happens, it’s like the screen is turned off, the Apple light on the screen’s back is turned off but the Macbook Pro keyboard’s light is still on thus it’s actually still on.

Now what is the problem here? How can I fix it? Do I have to send it back to the Apple Repair center or what?

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I would imagine you either have a backlight issue, or a problem with the inverter on the motherboard.

I had a similar problem on my Macbook, where the screen would flicker as I typed on it (with the screen shaking).

I would send it back for repairs. Try and film it too, to demonstrate the problem.

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@joshstevens1989 But I’ve sent it back to the repair center and they’ve replaced a new display for me and now it’s back to the same problem? :/ ugh how unhandy this is.

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Bring it back to the repair centre. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but I don’t see how you have any other choice besides taking your computer apart and fixing it yourself.

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That sounds like a backlight to me too.

Given that they replaced the display, it’s possible and, I think, likely that it’s an intermittent connection on the other end…. though motherboard flaws in a laptop are a bitch. I would recommend replacing it or (if it’s still under warranty, which it should be after such a short time) demanding that it be replaced.

If they balk, I would read up on the appropriate laws in your jurisdiction and force the issue. There is an obvious manufacturing defect there, and Apple needs to make good on their warranty if there is and there is.

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Hope this helps!

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Honestly, buy a PC next time. They’re just as reliable so long as you get a good brand (Toshiba or Sony for example).

None of the PC manufacturers require you to send your computer to their service center for repairs, as apple does (Best Buy and the likes do not fix them in house, they’re not allowed to touch it). The friggin apple store doesn’t even fix them in house.

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@tedd What do you mean by just as reliable? Just as reliable as the Macintosh that you are badmouthing?
And your statement that Apple does not allow third party repairs (or repairs by Apple stores) is a flat out lie.

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I used to work at Microcenter, and under contract we couldn’t open a mac, at all. If its covered under apple warranty, THEY fix it, no one else. We literally took info from the customer, put their computer and the info in a box, and shipped it off to the regional Apple repair center. I had to explain to hundreds of customers the process, and that we aren’t allowed to even open the damn things.

And I’m bad mouthing them because they try to come off as “better” than PC, with crap like “It just works.” News flash for you, I saw just as many macs in the repair que as PCs, which considering how many more pc’s are sold by percentage of total computers sold… does not speak highly of macs.

Simply put, a 1000 dollar toshiba or sony is just as good, if not considerably better, than a 1000 dollar mac.

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@tedd I have bunch of PCs already & I didn’t buy the Mac an uncle of mine bought it as a gift for me since he recently discovered that I’m doing some video editing, graphic design etc he thought it would be nice for me to have a Mac since those are “THE” computer for editing, drawing, photography stuff etc.

So not my fault I got a Mac.

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I just bought my MBP and had this problem upon starting the computer up for the very first time! The screen went black upon asking me what language I would like to operate the computer in. I hadn’t even touched the keyboard yet! Anyways, I updated whatever needed to be updated, and also did some investigating in the system preferences. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but there are some options like: Under “displays”, there is a check box for “automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes”, and also under energy saver, my screen sleep was set to only 2 minutes. I haven’t had the screen turn black since I installed the updates. I doubt the system preferences I changed made a difference, but you never know. Regardless, I’ll be taking my new MBP to the apple store tomorrow for some other type of resolution!

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