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Why is wearing fur any worse than wearing leather?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) June 6th, 2010

There is widespread condemnation among the public for wearing fur. Poor chinchilla or mink or whatever. Never mind that fur farming assured the preservation of their species and that left to their own devices in a shrinking wild habitat that is being rapidly changed by global warming, they may soon go extinct.

Some anonymous wit observed, “People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.” Is that all it is that makes wearing fur such a stigma to so many people who, between bites of their Big Mac, stand in leather shoes to condemn the fur wearers?

What’s your take on it. Are meat eaters and leather wearers any less guilty of contributing to the demise of a poor, defenseless animal than fur lovers?

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It’s not, it’s exactly the same. I eat meat (murderer) I have a leather chair (murderer) my husband has a leather tool belt (murderer) I have several leather handbags (murderer) I have a closet full of leather shoes and belts (murderer). I pick up the little spider who gets in my bath tub and carry him outside to set him free because I’m one of those hair splitters who would starve to death if I had to kill my own food. I wouldn’t have leather products if I had to kill Bessie myself.

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Wearing leather would be seen as bad as fur when we would see herds of calves on a field being beaten to death with bats.

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I see no problem using every part of an animal that is slaughtered when it is a human food source. I do see a problem with killing animals for just their fur.

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I think it’s because baby harp seals are cuter than fat, smelly cows.

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I’m with @perspicacious on this one.

If you’re going to kill an animal, at least grant it the dignity of using as much of it as you can. No one is going to eat a mink. However, I’d totally eat a deer, and I’d actually rather like to have a doeskin surcote for next year’s Renn faire, to match my antler-handled knives.

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I think it’s the psychology. Fur feels more like the animal that treated leather does.

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Because the Fonz would have looked ridiculous in a fur coat. I do however get your point entirely.

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Mostly because leather is a byproduct from the food industry, while Fur comes almost exclusively from animals that are bred an murdered to create a coat…

I do not have issues with people using the fur of an animal that are used for food.. But I hate the breeding of annimal just for the skin…

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Cows are actually lovely animals, good tempered and friendly with soft big brown eyes. I would not be able to kill my Bessie either unless I was the last choice. But I am a leather snob.

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I have nothing against fur, leather, or meat. As long as the animal is killed humanely, there would never even be any outcry – it’s only when the supplier uses unacceptable methods that we complain.

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because leather usually comes from cows, which are domestic animals raised for food, and the leather usually comes from those animals . on the other hand, fur often comes from wild animals, animals that go crazy when caged, or animals that are trapped in snares and die a slow, terrible death, sometimes chewing off their paw to escape the traps.

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Using the “it’s okay if you eat the meat also” argument, then I guess rabbit, squirrel, opossum, muskrat,beaver,bear,chinchilla,mohair, etc. etc. etc. would all be okay to wear since they all are pretty tasty. @jca the only legal traps in most states are killing traps. Even a leg trap or wire snare when used properly will kill quickly, certainly a lot more quickly than most carnivorous animals, especially those with young who often only stun the animal so the young can finish them off and therefore learn to kill their prey.

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@perspicacious I take your point of distinction. Certainly, most of us would be opposed to killing animals of any kind just for the fun of the kill, leaving their body for the buzzards to eat. Personally, I come down about where @Silhouette does. I do eat meat and wear leather, but I also rescue spiders and help snails cross the sidewalk without getting stepped on. And I’d be a vegetarian before I would butcher a cow I had raised up from a calf. I guess it’s different if you grow up on a farm and it brings up a crop of 5,000 calves each year.

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@ETpro LOL. Do you have a Save The Snails t shirt? I would like to send you one.

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@ETpro I’m with you in that I could not eat a cow that I knew when it was alive. I don’t live on a farm though. Good thing. I don’t eat very much meat, but am happy that when I do I can get it at the market. :)

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I come from a family of furriers – so I’m biased. I actually never really saw a difference between the two. One animal is raised to be milked to death, one to supply jackets and shoes, one for coats. I’d just like to point out that the question was really well-written, thoughtprovoking and a pleasure to read the details. Well done @ETpro!

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I don’t really think there should be any distinction about what the animal is used for ultimately. The aspect that should have the total attention of the public is the way the animals are raised and then killed. There should be no factory farming of poultry or hogs. The chinchillas etc. have a much better life while they are alive than any factory farmed critter and stockyard fattened cattle is just as bad. So many waste so much energy railing about cruelty to animals, such as fur coats or the docking and cropping of dogs tails and ears when there is real cruelty such as I mentioned and many more examples I haven’t.

If a creature is cute and furry its plight in life has a much better chance of catching the eye of the public.

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@Silhouette Great Tee. Where can I get one?

@perspicacious I try not to think about it when I shop. But I do know what’s behind that nicely shrink-wrapped piece of meat and that in buying it, I am part of perpetuating the factory farming. I don’t eat all that much meat and I may end up cutting it out.

@zenele Thank you for a GA and the strokes. :-)

@rooeytoo I have to agree.

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@Silhouette Drat. They don’t have one titles Save the snails. But there are a couple of neat ones there. I like the Snail Whisperer.

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@ETpro I do too, I also like the Slow Poke. Here is a better link to the tee shirt you want.

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@Silhouette Wouldn’t you know. They don’t have a men’s version.

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@ETpro Well that’s a real slap in the face. Sorry bout that.

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@Silhouette Yea, just when I was finally getting over jealousy over the nice skirts you ladies get to wear.

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@ETpro Crap, I feel terrible for bringing it all back for you. :o( Wanna fudgesicle?

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@Silhouette Yeah, I think I will go douse my sorrows in ice cream right now. Great answer. :-)

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I agree with @perspicacious and also it is more difficult to find good substitutes for leather when it comes to shoes especially. I do try to buy less leather when there is a choice. I do have one leather coat because it was a gift. I have several non-leather handbags. But, I am far from really living a leather free animal free life. But, I feel better when I make a choice not to buy leather.

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Gadzooks, because the cow ended up on the grill served with a side order of fries, most animals that produce fur are not in the American food chain or diet.

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