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Is my splitter responsible for intermittent internet access?

Asked by Ammolite (72points) June 6th, 2010

Hey folks,

I’ve been having intermittent trouble on/off with my internet for months now, but even after several visits, the cable company claims to find nothing amiss, so I need a second opinion. I’m pretty proficient at internet troubleshooting, but have limited experience with this specific issue.

The symptoms are as follows:
Random, intermittent lack of internet connection—in network connections, and on all browsers/messengers/etc. When this occurs, the power and status buttons on my modem remain properly colored and steady. However, the incoming, outgoing, and online lights blink (the pattern varies, sometimes it’s one light, sometimes, another…), or go out entirely for awhile. The problem randomly resorts itself after a few minutes, hours, or a day or so, but it always returns and often quickly. It is unpredictable and doesn’t seem to follow a pattern.

I have tried:
– Standard reset both with and without the coax.
– Omitting router altogether. This also omitted any concerns about network frequencies/router channels.
– The modem has been tested and works perfectly.
– New ethernet cord.
– New coaxial.
– All connections are properly screwed in.
– The network is indeed password-protected and encrypted.
– The computer itself’s network driver can’t be responsible, seeing as the actual lights on the modem blink or go out.

So what now? I’d assume that the only issues possible are:
1. The metal splitter (SVI brand, Model #SV-2G, 5–1000mH) that divides the home’s cable port for two uses: TV and internet.

2. Interference between splitter/computer/electronic devices. The computer and TV are about 5’ apart, since there’s only one cable port in the home. However, the same exact set-up worked previously for years.

3. Some outdoor-line problem the company’s missing.

4. ???

Desperate for help or ideas, many thanks-

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Who is your ISP? Could be a line issue, a tap on the line that is causing intermittent service. I met a premise technician for an ISP/Cable provider that carries around with him a little bottle of thermal grease and he would lightly grease the end of the coaxial cable to help with intermittent service, picture freezing, pixelation and the likes. Sounds like you have pretty much covered your bases so maybe try these things but I’m going to assume it’s a line problem.

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Your cable company should come out and test your lines. I needed a distribution amplifier ahead of the Internet tap to provide an adequate signal to all of my cable drops and my modem. I suggest connecting the cable modem directly to your cable inlet, with no splitter, and see if the problem is better or the same. You should also be using RG-6 cable throughout your house. RG-59, which went into use in the 70s, isn’t good enough for digital cable.

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