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What are some good scary movies?

Asked by ganti_x89 (375points) June 6th, 2010

Some that are scary and not comedy horror.

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The original Nightmare on Elm Street.

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what about the alien, predator or avp series those are good movies

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Shutter. The Thai version, not American.

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Event Horizon. Seriously disturbing sci-fi horror.
The Tale of Two Sisters. The Korean version, not the American remake.
One Missed Call. Don’t bother with the American version on this one either.
John Carpenter’s The Thing. People hated him for putting out there this antithesis of the cute, snuggly E.T. at the same time.
Nosferatu (1928). Vampires don’t sparkle. They eat the shit out of you.

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The Ring is excellent. Very creepy and bizarre. The original The Amityville Horror from 1979 is still my favorite horror movie/horror story. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with the Amityville story. I really thought The Fourth Kind was creepy, but I can’t get past the movie’s claims of how “real” it is when it so obviously is not.

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr about The Thing. One of my favorite movies. The Exorcist III is a good scare too.

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The original Psycho, of course! With Tony Perkins.

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Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield get under your skin without your realizing it.
Aliens, Poltergeist, Night of the Living Dead.
The Birds.

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Food Inc

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I agree with Alien and Aliens.

Aliens III…not so much.

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The Blob
The Tingler

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Aliens II all the way

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I checked the answers here, already slapping my forehead and waiting for the inevitably list of Saw sequels and “evil swarthy foreigner” splatter and torture-porn movies. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find several of the movies I’d suggest (like Shutter and A Tale of Two Sisters) already listed and a notable absence of horny teenagers getting chopped up with an axe. Fluther really is a cut above the rest.

A few other recommendations:

Suicide Club
[REC] (the original, not the Hollywood remake)
Dark Water (the original, not the Hollywood remake)
Feast, Feast 2, and Feast 3 (an unusual choice, I know, but I love quirky movies, and any movie which features someone throwing a baby at bloodthirsty monsters to distract them—and plays it for laughs—is okay in my books)
The Last Winter
The Shining (Kubrick’s version)
The Thing (Carpenter’s remake)

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Hmm, I am really scared of:
The Ring
Blair Witch Project (Documentary: real life)

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Am I the only one who found The Ring and Blair Witch amusing/a bit boring?

I honestly haven’t seen a movie that has scared me besides the jump factors.
But that might be because I was introduced to Horror when I was quite little. I knew who Freddy, Jason and Chucky were before I knew about Barney.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre kept me awake for a few days, because I started looking into the history of the people they based Leatherface off of.
I literally read articles and looked at pictures for about 15 hours straight.
The stuff I read scared me more than the movie did.

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30 Days of Night
Day of the Dead Original and remake

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Creep, The Shining, The Grudge. Oh & Sex & the City 1 & 2 were very disturbing to me. I mean dried up old dinosaurs stalking their prey.Shudders uncontrollably.

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Good choices. I saw Pandorum recently, and was pleasantly surprised.

Oh! Has anyone mentioned Cannibal Holocaust yet?

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