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Who wants to welcome Lynneblundell to the 10K Club?

Asked by chyna (45508points) June 6th, 2010

Woo Hoo! 10K! Partay time.

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ME! Congratulations!!!!!!!

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Welcome to the club, Lovely Lynneblundell! Congrats! :)

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Oooh, ooh—:: waves hands ::—Ooh, oooohh – me, Me, ME, ME! I wanna. I wanna. I wanna.

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I just met him her (rebbel blushes…).
Again, congratulations, @lynneblundell .

And, thanks for the compliment before and pointing me to @ynneblundell’s sex , @chyna .

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Hooray for you Congratulations!

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You are one of my favorite jellies- so happy for you! Congratulations!

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Yay!! I love jumping up and down and screaming celebratory statements!!!

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@rebbel Which one? I give you so many. All well deserved.

@cprevite Why do you remind me of the guy on Welcome Back Kotter? I think it was Horshadt? Remember him? oooh me, me!

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Congratulations Lynne, and thanks for brightening Fluther with your posts.

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I’ll do it! congrats and welcome to the 10k Mansion! WTG!

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I do!!!! Congrats!

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Great job Lynne, Congrats :-)

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Congrats. Well done!

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Congratulations! :))

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Congratulations to a great Flutherer! You are always so forthcoming with what is happening in your life, Lynne. It is very helpful to others. Here’s to our British sister jelly!

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Congrats Lynne!

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Congratulations! I look forward to your posts.

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Cheers to a lovely bird that deserved a bit of noise well before this. :)

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Hip Hip Hooray!
Welcome to Club 10K!
And remember, every Friday is Margarita Friday!

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Awww…I hope you know I adore you @Lynne. Congrats!

@chyna It’s time to pull the party dress out again!

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@chyna: Yes. He is my inspiration. Ooh, ooh.

Do y’all remember the night a strange man appeared in Lynne’s home?

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Woo Hoo! Congrats.

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Congrats! (((hugs)))

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I do! Congratulations!

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@cprevite I remember that! And I was wanting to send RichardHenry over thinking How big could England be? He has to be close enough to check on her!
@jonsblond Yea, we get to wear the dress again! I love that dress.

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@Lightlyseared thank you for being my first xxx
@DrasticDreamer you are a legend x
@cprevite hee hee xx top of the class x
@rebbel thankyou – lynneblundell’s sex? ;-)
@wilma mwah mwah
@gemiwing your doodles have inspired me into art xxx
@IBERnineD I love you jumping up and down screaming celebratory statements too xx your blog is brilliant
@Seaofclouds thank you xxx
@bvdshec17 thank you toooo xxx
@FireMadeFlesh I don’t know about brightening but I certainly love it here – it makes my world brighter anyway xxx
@filmfann love you and your naughtinessxxx
@liminal still can’t get over how god damn clever your name is xx
@OreetCocker aye xx
@breedmitch thank you you’re kindliness xxx

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Welcome to the club @lynneblundell it’s great to finally have you here!!!! Join the party, it’s all for you!

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Wowee congratulations! That is some great dedication you have for fluthering. Keep it up and I’m sure before you know it you will double it! Have fun in that mansion!

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Congratulations and big ((hugs)) Lynne. You brighten this place!!

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@BoBo1946 you’r a sweetie thank you xx
@faye I just hope they get better than they were last night!!! lol x
@Blondesjon that is so lovely, thank you xxx
@AstroChuck awesome thank you I love a good cocktail xx
@jonsblond I really love that…where can I get one!!!??? xxx
@cprevite yes… that was a bit bloody freaky wasn’t it!! I’m such a nonse sometimes!! lol xxx and you were ALL so sweet and thoughtful and caring xxx
@tinyfaery I might need to borrow your wings! xxx
@toomuchcoffee911 thank you sweets xxx
@kevbo you are a warrior of light xxx love you x
@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’m honoured thank you you creative gem of loveliness x
@Dr_C wow.. I’m like in total awe xxx

thank you all xx I must go to bed though :( Have essay to crack and submit tomorrow and would love to carry on partying but might have to continue tomorrow xxxxxx Thank you thank you thank you love love love you all xxxxx and some people think I’m too sentimental but I’ve no idea why ;-)

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oh! @stranger_in_a_strange_land and you my dear too!!! xxxxxxxxx

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@lynneblundell , !!!! Congratulation !!!! I’ve heard it’s a really fun place!
At least that’s what WTF tells me… Have fun!! Perhaps you can tell us little guys, what it’s like up there, eh?

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@lynneblundell…. @sccrowell is lying. I’ve personally let her in the back door during wtf’s party. ;)

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So great to see you join 10K club. Congrats on a job well done.

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Yay!!! Welcome to the mansion! You’re a wonderful person, and I love seeing what you have to say. Thanks for adding so much to Fluther!

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@lynneblundell You are a dear friend and a dear younger sister even though we’ve never met. I admire your searching qualities and your ability to ask yourself the tough questions.

Mazel Tov on the 10K but even more on what you accomplish in real life as a mother, a student and a seeker of wisdom.

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Yay! Congratulations!

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You can have my bunk, if you want it. I got it all fixed up, but I’m moving soon.

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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yes! congratulations :)

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Wow congratulations! Welcome to the manse. I hope you get a suite near mine. We can hang out and stuff!

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Helllooooo up there, its me down here….CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Congrats to you!!!!

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Woop woop! Congrats!

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Lynne lynne Bo Bin Congrats!! You made it BIG TIME

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Congrats, girlie!!! Well done. :)

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@lynneblundell: Oh my god this is wonderful! Congratulations! I always love reading your responses. :)

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Not I.

Just kidding – for those who care about lurve and stuff – great – happy 10k to a really smart and witty babe.

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Radical! Way to go lynne!

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@sccrowell Thank you, it feels wonderful! I feel like I’ve earned my place here. And it’s not all about the lurve by any stretch but sure does feel fine!
@Buttonstc Thanks Gorgeous xx
@MissAusten and you too…your posts are always elegant and eloquent x
@janbb geez that’s lovely…you are a dear friend too and I’m flattered and honored to have to as my sister xx
@syz thank you dearly xx
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Loving your work as always xxx
@YARNLADY I would love your bunk but wait a minute, wait a minute… why are you moving?? Hope you’re not going far..I’m sure there’s room for us both ;-)xxx
@casheroo love you thank you xxx
@Trillian so excited about our midnight feasts!! xx
@AmWiser Welcome!! Fluther is amazing isn’t it!! Thank you for coming to the party xxx
@knitfroggy maybe now I’m in the mansion they’ll let me have your name…love it! xx
@ubersiren thank you xx muchos love xxxx
@jazmina88 bo bin? lol xxx thank you sweetie xx
@Likeradar you are a fine jelly, thank you xxx
@augustlan I bow in your presence I am not worthy love love love you lots xxxxxx
@KatawaGrey and likewise you are a witty and gorgeous specimen xxx
@lilikoi I stole a Gnome once… beware!! xxx (I put him back though…)
@zenele wow…witty babe!! how cool xxx Thank you muchly xx
@py_sue thank you mwah mwah mwah xxx

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HOW COULD I FORGET!!!! tut tut tut Blundell.Thank you @chyna for starting my party!!! I’ve not been a huge amount recently and didn’t really know if I deserved one, but thank you very very very very very much xxxx

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…and @bongo sorry I missed you… trying to complete an essay and party at the same time..can get confusing!! :-) Thank you xxxxx

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Congratulations @lynneblundell !
Please don’t tell @sccrowell about the mansion. She got a taste of it at my party, thanks to @jonsblond , but let her imagine all that the mansion offers. That will perhaps get her fluthering more.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Oh, man! Once again I’m late for the party.


Jude's avatar

Late, late late to the party.

Long overdue, Missy!!! :) Congratulations!!

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@whatthefluther thank you so much..have so much respect for you xx
@loser my love xxx you are adorable, you are need to hear this more!! Thank you xx
@jjmah it has taken me rather a long time hasn’t it!! thank you sweetie xxx

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l wouldn’t miss the chance to say a well deserved congrats on all your excellent work here!

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Congratulations and cheers!

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Yaaaay! And so close to your birthday, too! Congratulations!

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@Cruiser thanks you little hunk! xx
@NeroCorvo thank you I don’t believe we’ve met properly xxx
@aprilsimnel I did want to try and get there before my birthday but was so busy with plans and such that it just became impossible… still this is more than sufficient!! xx

must stop doing so many kisses though…I can imagine it might get irritating

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@lynneblundell lurve and congrats to you!

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Congrats @lynneblundell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank you @Cupcake I must make one for you someday xx
@tedibear thank you xxx
@Val123 thank you too… you’re all so lovely xxx

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@marinelife I am such a lollipop!! You can shoot me down anytime…

<<<standing in the corner until she is forgiven for forgetting one of the most important peoples on the planet!!

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Sweet…well done! Congratulations and cheers to you!
love the new avatar too!

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Congrats :)

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@lynneblundell Not at your party!

nebule's avatar

:-) xxxx

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^^ Yaay…It’s @lynneblundell‘s lovely face.

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aaaah thank you xxxxxxxxxx

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Dear Lynne, so happy to see your charming face again, with your fabulous blend of sassiness and sincerity. What a pleasure to celebrate your arrival as the guest of honor. Congratulations.

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This is so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

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Thank you most kindly @Jeruba and thank you @mattbrowne I love love love all your posts!! xxx

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