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A question about freedom fries.

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 8th, 2010

Or are you calling them french fries again?

You know how the frozen ones always seem to come out better than home-made? Has anyone ever tried cutting, then freezing potatoes – do they then come out as good as the store-bought ones?

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It’s because the frozen ones have already been partially cooked. To make french fries the ‘best’ you fry/boil them first to cook them halfway, then set them to rest. Fry them a second time to get the texture right. Most people just fry them once and that’s why the insides don’t taste right.

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The store bought frozen “fried potatoes” (as I call them) are fried before they are frozen. Seems a lot of people don’t realize that. They are not just potatoes that have been cut and quick frozen.

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If I am to understand this correctly, the best way is to flash fry them, let them cool off, freeze them, then use them another time?

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No – you just fry them until partially done in hot oil, take them out, make sure the oil is really hot again and then put them back in and finish them. It is a one time operation.

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I always loved frozen crinkle cuts, deep fried just once. They came out perfect, for me. I don’t like overly crispy fries. Not floppy, but not crispy.

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Let me be clear: in Canada, we never began calling them freedom fries. In fact, freedom to me includes the right to dissent without being called unpatriotic.

When making homemade fries, I fry them for a bit, then put them in the fridge for a while (20–30 minutes), then fry them again. They are better than frozen fries.

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Believe me, most of us in America never called them “freedom fries” either.

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Following in the footsteps of a number of private restaurants, two members of the House of Representatives who issued a declaration in 2003 that from now on, the word french in foods would be replaced with freedom in the House of Representative Congressional restaurants and snack bars. The action was carried out on the authority of the Chairman of the Committee on House Administration without a vote. By 2006 the names were quietly restored.

After WW 1, people went so far as to try to remove any foreign sounding name such as calling sauerkraut liberty cabbage and calling Dachshunds liberty dogs

To make home fried potatoes come out the same as restaurant style, you have to use a special oil, such as peanut oil or sesame oil. It also helps to coat them in a flavoring agent, like the restaurants do. We use the powdered garlic/onion mix that we buy in bulk from Sam’s Club.

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Interestingly, it was the Belgians who invented fries NOT the French. So we should be calling them Belgian fries. :-)

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Has a nice ring to it. I even eat mine with mayo.

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I just call ‘em fries.

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@ItsAHabit French fries are named after the style in which they’re cut. You can have other foods in a french cut, like green beans.

I have always just done the one time boil and they always turn out better than frozen fries. So, you’re doin it wrong!

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We call them chips, unless you are at MacDonalds, then they are still fries.

I had no idea it was so complicated to make them at home. Personally my favorites are the ones from KFC.

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@rooeytoo I like the Mcdonald’s fries too. It’s not that they are so hard to make at home, it’s that I find that I am paying a lot for a sack o frozen spuds – just because they come out so much better than when I cut my own. I now know why.

Such is the beauty and wisdom of fluther. Sometimes its quantum mechanics and shakespeare; sometimes it’s spuds.

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@rooeytoo: Oh, KFC’s potato wedges are so stinkin good, and should not be compared to anything from McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Burger King or anything in the frozen section.

Hm. Just figured out what I’m having for dinner tonight lol

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@zenele – I never knew either but I must admit I never make them at home, too fattening! hehehe, I have to watch my waistline.

Shakespeare and spuds, I like it.

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@rooeytoo I miss your old doggy face. It was so obviously you.

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@janbb heheheh, yep I know, the Town Dog is unmistakeable, but this one is the whole family! well the canine components anyhow.

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