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Does anyone know of a winery/vineyard in New England that also has an inn?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) June 8th, 2010

I want to take my husband to a vineyard for wine tasting, but I really want to find a place that has some sort of lodging attached to it. We live in New England.

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I know this might be irrelevant, but since I realized no one is answering, I’ll just try to be of any help and answer this. I’m not sure of the exact location, but I’m sure you’ve heard of a bar called ‘The Ivy’ ? It’s amazing, you might enjoy yourselves there. Hope this helped.

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Don’t know for sure but I question whether there are any vineyards in New England; I would think the colder climate obviates against the ability to grow grapes properly. There are several in the Finger Lakes region of New York which would not be far for you to travel. Here is a tourism website that lists wineries and places to stay.

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Searched “new england winery inn” or “new england vineyard inn”:

Coastal wine trail
Sounds nice, and I’m sure there are nice places to stay along the way.

Fitch Claremont Vineyard BnB in Connecticut

Langworthy Farm BnB and winery

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There are vineyards in Nashoba Valley and Truro, which is on the Cape (both in Massachusetts). Those are the only two I know of. I don’t know if they have an inn or whatnot but I’m sure there is something very close by.

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