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What do you feel you can do best when drunk?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) June 8th, 2010

ok, ok, not condoning this, but some say their senses are keener when under the influence. hear it all the time. some say they drive better when under an influence of some type.

what can you do “real good” when your senses are altered?

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The only thing that people can do better when drunk are be obnoxious and fall down. Yep, definitely good at falling down.

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@syz yup, seen it! drunkened falls are so you-tube able

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Be more personable. Some people are mean drunks, I am more friendly.

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@Ltryptophan good answer! you can control your liquor intake is what that means..

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alcohol is the old “ectasy.”

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I’m not as shy and much more talkative when drunk. I’ll reach out to people and start conversations which is something I don’t usually do and/or am afraid to do. I become much more extroverted.

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Believe it or not, I do safety best. I get uber paranoid about getting everyone everywhere safely. But I haven’t drank in years.

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I probably don’t really do anything better, but I am more relaxed so it just seems like I am friendlier and better at talking to people.

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Nothing. Well, become a little less shy.

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A karate sensei I knew used to practice his katas in the light of one candle while stoned. He felt it allowed him to more thoroughly get into the movements.

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i can cut the shit out of grass when inebriated.

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I am quite the orator.giggles

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Make people laugh and annoy the shit out of people.

The two tend to balance each other out. :)

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Sorry…don’t get drunk.

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Sometimes I get a burst of energy when I drink after I thought I was exhausted. One time I tore out all the carpet in an upstairs room. Well, I was also pissed. And well, the next day I wondered who in the hell tore out all the perfectly good carpet up there! Not really. I did tear out the carpet, but it needed it. It was a lot of work. I’d say it was being pissed more than the beer, but, whatever. It got done!

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Dance, unfortunately I’m wrong. This is how I dance….

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@Silhouette There’s no link!! Make a space between your last period and the link and it should turn into a link. Beat ya Lilly!

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Pass out. I do that better drunk than sober. and @Val123 that’s because I’m drunk. LOL.

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I feel that I talk best when I am drunk. Also I sleep so much better

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@Val123 It’s not the merlot, my wireless keyboard is acting up. Beat you to that one.

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@vbabe96 Yeah, but you know, you don’t feel as refreshed in the morning. You go to sleep faster, but I don’t think you sleep as productively or as well.

Ok. You’re off the hook, Lilly! :)

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@Val123 Thanks, I fixed it. :o)

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I start fires better when I’m drunk, but I get into embarrassing fights.

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@Silhouette This I gotta see…is it really you tho? Videos are such a pain. I want to be sure before I go through the trouble….

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Ah see. Heck. Everything locked up….

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I’ve always been good at getting my ass kicked when I’m drunk.

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I’m also much better at making stupid mistakes when I’m drunk, and I’m not half bad at it when I’m sober. And I’m better at falling down when I’m drunk. And anyone who thinks they drive better under the influence is an idiot.

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Throw up on the side of a car. I’m a master at that.

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Doing “it” is always much better :-D

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People may THINK they drive better when intoxicated but they don’t. And driving skills drop very dramatically as intoxication increases.

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Sing and hug… most everyone and their Mama.

“I la lu”...

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Start conversations with complete strangers.

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Be ruthlessly cruel.

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^^ Watch said podcast.

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When I am moderately drunk, not to the point of falling over but drunk enough to not care, I am a much more outrageous dancer. I’m also less inhibited than I am normally (which isn’t much, but still some…I am human) in the sack, so I think I do that better too.

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@deni Pics Video or it never happened.

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Relax to the point that I can take a nap anywhere and dance for a longer time. Usually won’t feel the aches from overdoing it till the next day.

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I socialise better when I’m slightly intoxicated. I have some kind of social anxiety, and where I’d normally separate myself from the crowd, if I have a Guinness or two in me, I’ll feel more comfortable talking to people, laughing out loud, singing along, or dancing around a campfire (highly recommended for fun).

I so want to go do Karaoke sometime, but I can never find someone else willing to be Designated Driver. I’m sick of that job, dammit. I need to be able to drink somewhere other than my own backyard.

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I can’t Karaoke if my life depended on it but give me a couple martinis and I can Riverdance and Kazoo like you have never seen before!! Yeee HOO! <<Tippy tappy tippy tappy>> Brvzooooo brvzooooo!

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@Cruiser Um, wait, are you implying that one can karaoke while sober?That’s actually against the law. In Japan they’d cut off your head for that.

Okay, not really. But they should.

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No they would ask you to cut out your own innards for disgracing yourself

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I’m very good at delivering boring lecture when drunk. I do that sober as well, but at least I realize that I’m doing something wrong.

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go to sleep

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Swear, basically.
I love a little wine. Makes me blush ;P

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With a few drinks, I’m better at chatting up girls.

With some more drinks… I get more passionate about various things and sometimes people get interested in them. One time I was talking about infinity and someone really liked it (I think… or she was being nice… or she was so drunk she thought I was being deep… anyway…).

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Piss like I have a mission to hit anywhere & everywhere except fo where i’m aiming. I mean like Stevie Wonder with a hose attempting to dowse a chicken with it’s arse alight.Yeah the thing I do best when drunk is to wee wee all the way home.

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@ItsAHabit I remember those days when I thought I was OK to drive. Thank God nothing bad every happened before I grew up enough to realize that I’m NOT OK to drive. Even after I start drinking, I have absolutely ZERO urge to get behind the wheel. Doesn’t matter how drunk I get, that doesn’t change.

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@Val123 I hope you would still drive to safety if you absolutely had to.

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@Ltryptophan Well….story time. Once upon a time my boyfriend came to visit for the weekend. He brought a pint of rum, which he usually did. I had three drinks when the call came in from my daughter that her car had broken down in a little town about 15 miles away. I don’t remember what the deal was, why we had to use two cars, his and mine, to rescue the situation, but we did. I really didn’t want to, but three drinks isn’t that much for me (normally) and I felt OK to do it. Well, he left first. I left about five minutes later….and about half way there the lines on the road started going double and shit. I realized I was really drunk—but I’d only had three drinks! But it was what it was and I was scared SHITLESS. I actually hoped (kinda) that I’d get pulled over! I was never so scared in my life…although in a younger life I’d driven that way too many times so I knew what to do. I got to my destination alive, jumped out of the car and PUNCHED my BF in the arm hard. I was really mad. I said, “WHAT KIND OF RUM WAS THAT??” It was 151…O…M…G. It takes a while to hit, but when it does…Oh man.

I once had a friend comment on how well I drove even when I’d been drinking, so to answer your question, if I HAD to, then yes. I could.

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Act like a total idiot “real good.”

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Tolerate other drunks. We’s buddies when we’s all drinking…otherwise they’s idiots.

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Sex. No question.

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I talk a lot more when drunk and mix better in company. I am probably unusual in this but I don’t think sex and drink go well together. Like driving you maybe think you can do it better.

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I have had some awesome sex drunk.

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Darts in a pub. I can’t throw worth shit when sober in front of an audience.

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