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What would you do if your wife was your half sister?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10884points) June 9th, 2010

So, your respective parents happened to be infertile together. Both sets of parents got a sperm donor, and both selected the same donor. Later you meet, and get married unknowing that you are actually half-siblings. You’ve already had a kid by the time you find out by some genetic test who you are. What happens now?

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Nothing. Life goes on.

Something interesting to tell at Holiday functions.

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Move to the south so you’ll fit in.

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If there’s no physical problems with the kid then I don’t see a problem. Just make sure the offspring stays away from any family members.

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I wanted to say something funny, but @perspicacious beat me to it.

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@zenele You have to get up early to beat me.

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Carry on with the affair. Keep it in the family.

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As the child of artificial insemination myself, this is something I’ve often worried about. I moved 3,000 miles away from my place of birth and the place of my mother’s conception so I’m not too worried, but whenever a boyfriend tells me he has relatives in or near Seattle, I panic just a little and ask for a physical description to see if any of their descriptions match what I know about my biological father’s description.

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@perspicacious I can’t – it’s always the next day here.

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Man, I keep picturing that banjo playing kid in Deliverance.

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He played a mean banjo, though.

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You should get yourself a Hustler movie contract and a few spots on Jerry Springer and Maury. With all the money you make you two can buy yourself a new trailer on a good corner lot.

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Has this actually happened? If so, I would say it’s destiny. Just keep on. Crazy things like that happen for a reason. WOULD keep it a secret if I were you though…

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I don’t think it would bother me.
All it means is that genetically we’re a bit similar, and genetically our kid is slightly less diverse.
It’s not like having a kid with your sister guarantees it’ll have deformities. It’ll take many many generations for there to be prevalent issues.

As far as the “ick factor” of being with a relative is concerned? I feel like the fact that our only link is a mysterious sperm donor really makes the dynamic completely different. It’s not like we got together every summer since we were kids for family gatherings or sent christmas cards every winter, etc. etc.

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@mrentropy That’s jut crazy! I would call it An act of god.

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