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How long does it take for your question to be posted after you submit it?

Asked by beancrisp (1095points) June 9th, 2010

The question was about Palestine.

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Hi Beancrip,
Regarding your question it has been returned to you again- but please look for a PM from me in a few minutes that will help you understand how to edit it for posting.

In answer to the question in general- once a question has been submitted it must be approved for posting in the General section. When a moderator signs on they will check it. Depending on when a moderator is present in it can be nearly instant or take a few hours.

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There still is no Palestine. There is a Palestinian Authority in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Hamas was elected in Gaza.

When there is a Palestine – I will be the first to rejoice. Until then, it’s just annoying. Is Canada part of the United States?

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I was going to answer “a few seconds” but then I read your comment about Qs in General needing pre-approval ? And it could take several hours ?

Well, that’s new.
Does this apply to Social and Meta as well ?

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Hi @Buttonstc,
Usually it is only a few minutes. But the moderation team does not keep regular hours. We come and go as our outside schedules allow. For this reason I wanted to give a wider range of time.

Regarding Social and Meta- if a question was sent to the user to edit then yes, a moderator must check to be sure the corrections were made before re-posting it.

The only exception is if a question was posted in General that had become chatty or did not meet the guidelines for General but was good for social. We have a fast track button that allows the user to immediately re-post the question themselves in Social.

Regarding the fast track button you may wonder “Why don’t they just move it?”
We actually give the user the choice in the event that they would prefer to edit the question to meet the General guidelines. If we were to move it then it would begin to get relaxed responses that the author might not want.

I hope this clarified things a bit. :)

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