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Which people would you choose to represent the human race to aliens?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) June 9th, 2010

Aliens have finally made contact with humanity. We are told that humanity is to be judged, and that if we fail, our entire species will be exterminated. We are to choose three humans for this testing — but the aliens refuse to tell us what the test will be. It could be a test of our intellect, our strength, our cunning, our morality, or something entirely alien to us.

The aliens inform us that they have the power to pluck people from history, so it can be any three individuals who have ever lived. The aliens hold a lottery, and you are selected to choose the three people who will represent our species.

Whom do you choose?

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Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln and Leo Tolstoy

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J. S. Bach. – Art
Albert Einstein. – Science
Karl Marx. – Society

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You forgot to say “Pop quiz, hotshot.” ;-)

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Three children, randomly picked from three randomly chosen countries.

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@rebbel Here’s hoping the test involves fart jokes and the ability to accurately flick boogers, eh?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris.

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Carl Sagan.

edit: excellent question, StS.

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That and their innocence, honesty and directness.

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@rebbel But what if it’s a test of strength or knowledge?

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They also taste better.

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Then we are fucked.~
I believe you.

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I am sure the three kids can easily gang up on those scrawny Greys.

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Mother Theresa: compassion

Albert Einstein: intellect

Isaac Asimov: Hey, it never hurts to have a sci-fi writer on your side.

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Lady GaGa (to show them that we are just like them)

Justin Beiber (to annoy the hell out of them)

Chuck Norris (after the aliens are to distracted by justin, chuck will take them out with his power glance. then he will destroy the other two.)

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King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans strength…(hopefully would kick their ass if they tried some funny stuff)

William Shakespeare arts…(hopefully would entertain and bewilder them so they would not do any harm)


Carl Sagan science and oratory (simply for the fact that he is an excellent speaker and simply seemed like a very kind and intelligent being that had a great way of explaining things to the layman)

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Sarah Palin (to annoy the hell out of them)

Albert Einstein (for his brilliance)

George Carlin (for his humor)

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Would we need anyone else? ;-)

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Tom Cruise.

oh, wait a minute…That’s who the aliens picked to represent them to us

I would pick Steve Jobs, Bruce Springsteen, and Nadia Comaneci

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I guess I should answer my own question. My strategy is to cover as many different fields as possible, which means choosing people who are famous in several different fields, but who are also capable of physical conflict if necessary.

Socrates: One of the most powerful, penetrating intellects which ever lived, but he was also a soldier and war veteran. And he could talk the legs off a donkey with his folksy, disarmingly innocent manner.

Leonardo Da Vinci: He is widely regarded as the very archetype of a “renaissance man” with talents in every conceivable area, including art and engineering. And like Socrates, he had military experience (in Cesare Borgia’s army).

Carl Jung: Another renaissance man with a wide variety of talents, his wide-ranging intellect spans both East and West, merging scientific method with Eastern mysticism. And like the other two, Jung was also a veteran, having served as an army doctor in the First World War.

Between those three, virtually every field of human endeavour is covered, while at the same time allowing for the possibility of physical tasks or conflict—yet with people of firm moral fibre who would not shame our species with their words and deeds.

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…..would you choose to represent the human race to aliens?

Astro Chuck

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Nancy Pelosi- to show the aliens an example of who they need to target with their amazing weaponry

George Washington – what better way to get to know America than to talk to George?

Me – I must see Nancy and George together in the same room. I’d feel sorry for good ole Nancy!

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Bruce Lee

But I like @rebbel‘s answer.

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My mother-in-law.We need protection,damnit! ;)

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Michio Kaku
Frank Lloyd Wright
Tashunca-uitco, aka Crazy Horse

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Chuck Norris.

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@SmashTheState My strategy was similar to yours; I tried to pick people of intellect and wide-ranging ability but whom I also believed would have physical prowess. That’s why Ablert Einstein didn’t make the cut.

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A little off topic but @jonsblond, Michio Kaku’s plan on how to take care of our little oil situation does not sound like a great idea.

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George Washington, Brock Lesnar, and Jack Black!!

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Edit: Albert

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Cloud Strife

Jack Baur

Samurai Jack


It is fun coming up with interesting combinations of people.

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I’d choose this woman, D, in my karate class. So open and kind. Absolutely. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, and is always happy and optimistic, but not in a cloying, fake Pollyanna-ish way. She teaches yoga, has learned to happily live with less, cares for animals and pwople and I have never ever heard her raise her voice in anger, even if she was disagreeing with someone. She respects the basic humanity of all people.

I ask myself, how are there people like this in the world? They’re walking miracles. Aliens might eat her, true, but not before they thought, “Aw, she’s so sweet, I like her. Gee, I’m hungry.”

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@lucillelucillelucille – Is your mother-in-law getting under your skin today? ;-)

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Ghandi: He managed to accomplish, peacefully, what still alludes the rest of humanity to this day.

Shakespeare: The greatest story teller.

Harriet Tubman: She is a true example of courage, cunning and compassion.

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Nicola Tessla
Garrison Keillor
David Bowie

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@Trillian David Bowie, good idea, Rocket Man might score the human race a few points.

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Of course all things being equal these alien suckers could be thick as shit.Therefore fairly easily impressed or manipulated.I give you Mickey Mouse, Jerry Lewis & last but not least Dan Quayle.

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Do you want my real answer or the cheap optimistic one?

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@Draconess25 – Your optimism is as valuable as everyone elses. :-)

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@ChazMaz Okay then….heh, that’s harder to think up than my real answer! Me, Myself, & I. Even if they destroy the world, I’ll get to meet some aliens!

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@Draconess25 Is it worth the anal probe?

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Why do you think she wants to meet them?

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@mrentropy If it’s well-lubricated.

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