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Has anyone ever seen UFOs in the sky?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 3rd, 2008
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Well, I guess that depend on how much alcohol I have consumed.
All silliness aside, have you?

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As opposed to on the ground?

For more than you want to know, see the sibling question

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@galicalled: Sibling question or three!

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oh I wish.

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Yes, but it turned out to be space junk. Didn’t really think it was a spacecraft either at the time, but didn’t know what it was, it was just large, flaming and on a trajectory. It stayed long enough for me to grab three other people watch it as it took its time streaming across the sky.

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I have seen the photoes of the Roswell incedent taken at the scene by an official army photographer. These where of the craft and the beings on it. OUR government covered up the truth!!! I have seen unexplainable cigar shaped silver craft in the air that was there one minute then disappered in less then a heartbeat and faster then any hot air balloon could go, disappeared. I have been fallowed at night by bright red lights that was along side of me for about 5 minutes before they shot accross the front of me and I was running at 75MPH. There has been other strange things I’ve seen out in New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, and Iowa. I cannot explain what they where but ROSWELL was real!!

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