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Why has Live Preview been disabled?

Asked by ipso (4476points) June 10th, 2010

Live Preview is great technology. Kind of mandatory. You get links compiled to see if they are working correctly before you post. After maintenance last night it did not work, and does not work this morning.

There is a (related?) bug, as I’m not able to post a new comment into the “Do dogs have a subconscious mind?” question. I hit [Answer] and nothing happens. I refresh, etc., nothing happens. FYI (latest Firefox, latest XP-SP3)

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Has it?
No, it hasn’t. Not on my pc, with Opera as browser.

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I don’t have it either. I have explorer and @augustlan said I should get Firefox. Apparently it isn’t helping you.

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What is the first thing a tech rep says? “Have you rebooted your machine?” Well.. I did and it’s fixed. Some memory thing or possibly Kaspersky update. Fixed.

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I take it back. Live Preview is not working (with my traditionally very stable configuration) and I’m not able to post to the dog conscious question in General. But after rebooting both functions work here under Meta. Something is afoul – or should I say “fishy”.

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I’m very new. Do questions get closed to new entries and I’m just not seeing it?

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Not seeing the question you are referring to, so it might have gotten removed.

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OK – I’m on a completly different maching (XP-SP2) and Firefox is exactly the same: no Live Preview and not able to post to at least one thread in [General], June 9 – “Do dogs have a subconscious mind?” Confirmed bug.

However, using IE I was able to post a test item. So it’s a Firefox thing.

FYI sysops – I happend to be online last night when the site went down for maintenance. When she came back online this problem existed.

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Works for me! Here’s a screenshot:

Try clearing your browser cache, it’s possible that something broke. If you need help doing that, let me know.

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I’m using Firefox (3.6.3 for those keeping score) and Windows 7 and I’m getting the live preview.

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Update – I’m able to add to other threads. I was composing in that specific thread (dog conscious) last night so somehow that one got corrupted when the site went down for maintenance. It has to be a server side DB thing because I’m getting the problem with my login on completely different machines (Firefox only – which is the strange part.)

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The live preview not work is a sign that javascript is broken on that page (you can see if that’s true if you GA or GQ someone and it reloads the page).

This can happen very rarely if you’re on the site during an update—or, as was the case for chyna, you were running IE 7 and we have an extraneous comma that breaks JS for that browser.

The best thing to do when things like this break is to use the contact form—you’ll get the fastest response and it will automatically tell us information about what browser you’re using.

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Mine is working now. I didn’t do anything to make it work.
It’s magic.

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@chyna We just fixed it.

ALL there is another bug where certain users can’t respond to questions that have responses moderated. I’m looking into that right now.

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@andrew Thank you very much.

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Fixed now.

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Thanks @andrew! Completely resolved on my end.

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