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Has anyone ever used one of those cleaning products for the outside of your windows?

Asked by JLeslie (57066points) June 10th, 2010

Like this one by Windex. And, I understand there are some you can just attach to a garden hose and no wiping at all? I want to know if they work well, and if you had a preference for a certain brand. Or, should I just hire someone to do it? Also, did it kill any of your plants near the windows? Do I have to cover them?

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I used the Windex one on my rental property and my tenant told me there were a few spots. She seemed to think it was because the wind was blowing really hard. The plants and grass looked fine though. I would think if you have delicates like roses or pansies, cover them just in case.

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I looked for that windex product and can’t find it. Where did you find it @janedelila ?

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Oh, good question. I am assumed I could buy it at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Maybe it tells us on the website.

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Here is what the website says Retailers include Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s and your local grocery or hardware store among others.

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Ok, I’ll check Home Depot. It’s the closest to me. Thanks @JLeslie.
Kroger and KMart didn’t have it.

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I used the old-fashioned method. Even though you’d cover the plants up, the stuff would still get into the soil. I’ve put too much love into my flower beds to take a risk. But, good luck to you.

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@chyna I got mine at True Value

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I have a True Value near me also. Thanks.

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I’ve never used that product. I have a squeegee/sponge/scrubber on a telescopic pole. That and a bucket of warm water with a drop or two of dish soap and a cup of white vinegar seems to do fine. It’s not at all like work especially if you enjoy being outdoors no matter what you’re doing. It hardly ever streaks and it works well on normal dirt.

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I just wait for the next good rainstorm.

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