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Neko Case

Asked by Cardinal (2916points) March 17th, 2008

Can anyone recommend the best album by Neko Case. Recently heard her singing Wayfaring Stranger and thought her voice was enchanting. Doubt her name is pronounced like it looks! (Neeko Case ~ vase, pace). Any hints here?

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I’ve been exploring her music myself – my usual approach with a new artist is to put all his or her albums on my Amazon Wish List, and then check them off as I acquire them. So far I’ve got The Tigers Have Spoken and like it very much, but I can’t recommend anything more specific than that. Ask again in 6 months or a year….

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You might want to check her my page.

See what others listen to and form a pattern.

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Thanks JP. Never heard of that link, but I’m pretty far out of the loop!

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I have her album “Fox Confessor. . . .” loaded on my phone. It has a nice, stripped down sound. She’s got a great voice, and lyrics worth listening too.

If you like Neko Case you should check out Haley Bonar too.

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@BirdlegLeft ~ I LOVE Bonar’s voice . I never heard of her before, but I really like Too Much Nothing off of Lure the Fox.

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I vote for Fox Confessor as well. Plus, Neko Case is in the New Pornographers…I like their new-ish song “Challengers.” I haven’t heard the whole album by the same name, but it might be worth checking out.

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Its a little tricky to recomend just one album… I really love blacklisted and fox confessor, but the other albums have wonderful tracks on them-I would just look her up on iTunes and preview the top voted songs and work your way up from there… Hope you enjoy it! :)

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In response to EmilyNathon, Neko does sound great in the latest New Pornographers album, Challengers… or any other New Pornographers album, for that matter.

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I have a leg up on Haley Bonar because she’s a Minnesota native as am I. I’m not sure if she has a second album or not, but “Lure the Fox” is pretty solid. I think she did some recording with Andrew Bird, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Oh, and the New Pornographers make some beautiful and smart pop music.

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