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Did my eczema come back?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) June 10th, 2010

I was diagnosed with eczema several years ago when I was around 9 years old. I had extremely dry patches of skin, red, itchy, etc.

Now I’m 21, and my neck and face are ALWAYS itchy! My neck isn’t dry…but it will itch really badly sometimes. My face will itchy too around my eyes and I see that it’s getting dry too. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions, soaps, etc. to treat it. I don’t think it’s an allergy because it flared up when I was using the same ol things.

I’m thinking of seeing a dermatologist of course. But even if my skin isn’t flaky or dry around my neck could it be eczema?

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Yes, it could.

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It is not unusual for the symptoms to come and go. Could very well be an eczema flare up.

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Yes the symptoms you are describing sound like eczema. Are you stressed at the moment? My daughter has eczema, and whenever she is feeling stressed she gets a flareup.
Have you changed your soap, shower gel or something like that?
Have you had a patch test to indicate what you are allergic to? If you haven’t had a patch test, then I would most certainly see a dermatologist.
Eczema is really distressing and I really sympathise.

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My aunt had bad eczema as a child (two aunts actually) and as they got older, it subsided (in both cases)

Now, they only “break out” with eczema when they are under alot of stress.

So it is not that uncommon for it to come and go.

Yes, it could very well be eczema, and you should definitely get a prescription lotion to put on it!

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