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Does apple give out loaners?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

if I turn my iphone in for repairs, will they hook it up with a loaner? I sent them a letter via email but no answer yet.

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What is wrong with it? You asked this question from it.

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they were going to give me a loaner for a $25 fee

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it charges so hot, it turns off or the screen locks and I have to reboot it ever time.

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My friend had to send in his iPhone back and he was sent a loaner. Not sure if it costs money, though; it may.

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The loaner policy varies from store to store. The Apple Store I work at in NJ has the following loaner policy:
1. The loaner is free if the problem is due to an apple manufacturing defect (e.g. your iPhone stops charging, it won’t sync with your computer, the backlight stops working,etc)
2. You have to pay a $ 15–30 loaner fee if the problem is due to some kind of mishandling on your part (e.g. you dropped the iPhone, you have sand in the iPhone, your friend sat on it, etc.)

You can get a loaner instantly if you take it to a Genius bar near you. But if the case is that Apple has to ship it to you, then you have to pay the shipping fee (which will cost around $15) even if your iPhone qualifies for a free loaner .

With the iPod touch and other iPods, there are no loaners. If your iPod breaks down, it will be replaced with a new (and sometimes refurbs but you wont know the difference) iPod for the most part (unless you require a new battery)

Also a word of advice, waiting for Apple tech support via email can be lenghty process. You’ll get support a lot faster if you call the Customer Hotline or just bring it an Apple Store.

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@mirza. Thanks alot! I’m ok my way to the store.

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Oh loaner! I was trying to figure out for ages what you meant by that. We call them courtesy (insert product name here) in the UK.

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