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Why is Fluther more successful then

Asked by luke101 (49points) June 10th, 2010

I have looked at both sites and fluther seems to have more visitors. And I think askpedia has been out longer then fluther. Why is fluther better then askpedia?

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Because it looks nicer?

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Well, I have heard of Fluther and I have never heard of askpedia until you asked your question. So I would conclude that Fluther is more successful in attracting people like me.

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Stick around for awhile and see for yourself. =)

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Because we have good mods. Because people here actually want to help other people, not get points. Because we have less people, so it’s more like a small community. Because we have awesome creators, Bendrew.

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So in fairness, I just jogged over to see if askpedia was a real site. As most of the questions I saw look as though they can be answered by a quick google search that will, in turn, direct one to wikipedia, I am not sure of the point (unless that is the point).

A question like “what is the address to the border, I am driving to Mexico using my GPS?” is just nuts (is this individual aware of the length of the border?) I would imagine that on Fluther, such a question would be moderated to help the writer clarify their question (i.e., approximately, which US state and city will you drive through to cross the border?)

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Having never heard of askpedia until now, I wandered on over to their site… my first impressions:

Fluther has a very clean & slick construction. It looks professional, without being intimidating.

Askpedia looks like the work of a high school sophomore tech. class project from the year 1999.

Color scheme for askpedia is very unappealing. Too high a contrast for me to stare at for long periods of time. It actually hurts to look at their site.

The word ‘pedia’ is a part of the name… for some reason, I can’t trust an electronic name with pedia in it. (thanks to wiki)

Since my eyes can’t handle much more of their page… my last comment is this…

They don’t have a gosh’ darn cute mascot of a little jelly. :)

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Jeruba, Ben, Andrew, AstroChuck, gailcalled, delirium, janbb, yarnlady, Sueanne Tremendous, Casheroo, Simone de Beauvoire, Zen, jjmah, elijah, dalepetrie, zuma, tiny faerie, macBean, JeffGoldblumesYaddaYadda, jerv, rufus t firefly, bob, seek kolinar, clair, mattbrown, fyrius, silohette, jonsblonde, blondesjon, chazMaz, hungryguy, and a thousand others. This site rocks because it has the best contributers going!

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He said Zen. Yay! And Jeruba.—* sigh *

@luke101 I’ve been here 3 weeks now and this place is awesome. I’m going to check out your askpedia site, but you should stick around and give this place a chance. It’ll grow on you.

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The site feels cold, clinical- which is fine until you see the quality of questions on the site. There doesn’t seem to be active moderation or at least not moderation that focuses on spelling, grammar and basic readability. If it’s going to be cold and clinical- then the answers/questions had better be sterling.

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It looks like a rainbow clown threw up. Horrible clashing colors all over the place.

Really makes me appreciate the design aesthetic of Fluther.

Now, if they could only employ that marvelous aesthetic sense to offer T Shirts in nice colors instead of ONLY baby-crap brown….....


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It looks like your rather standard Q&A fare…messy layout, half of the questions on the front page that I saw are this jumbled mess of incoherence, nothing we haven’t seen before, so it can’t really compare to Fluther which ditches that kinda shit in exchange for a much more distinct and intelligent allure.

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So, you’ve only been here three weeks, have you ? ~

How are you liking it so far ?


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Kinda fun, kinda kooky. Way better than askpedia – which sucks big time. To quote Lilly who says she know some British slang and at the risk of being very wrong – I’m Chuggers here.

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It is easy to use and gives quick response.

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