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Do you like to do lots of other things while fluthering?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 11th, 2010

I don’t really multi-task well (I’m a typical guy) but I do like the news and email in the background, plus music. But I am 100% at fluther when I chat – not so often – but more of late – and when asking a question or replying – I’ll “keep my eye on it” like a mother hen.

I’m listening to Genesis Three Sides Live right now, arguably one of the best live albums of all time. It’s an LP – and I’m gonna listen to each and every glorious side while fluthering this lovely Friday afternoon.


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I work, e-mail, talk on the phone, shoot par and kazoo.

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Aside from checking email, I’m usually feeding donuts to my duck while Fluthering. Paco is rather needy.

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I sketch,,talk on the phone and sand drywall.

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I am a butterfly with a flower. I flit back to Fluther now and then to check in and tend my blooms.

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I work, email, fluther, eat, and change channels like a 15 year old with ADD.

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I do laundry, cook, vacuum, watch tv, download stuff, read blogs and txt on the phone.

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While Fluthering on my laptop, I sometimes have my destop computer running next to it and play some video games on the desktop. I also listen to iTunes, read email, check out Facebook, and read articles on Wikipedia to enhance my knowledge.

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No, except to help Milo increase his typing letters/minute.

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I usually Fluther while doing other things in the shop, office or kitchen; classical or space music in the background. I actually ruined a netbook earlier this spring with the steam in the maple sugar house. About the only times I don’t Fluther is when asleep or doing actual farm work. I leave the computer in the kitchen turned on so my cats can Fluther (they probably PM Milo).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: ^^ They do, indeed. Funny that they haven’t yet asked for an autographed 8×10 glossy. (Send SASE).

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@gailcalled Will do. Angel and Simba will send theirs also (18 year old Persian littermates).

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I always read and wait for someone to answer my questions, or i just stare at the computer and wait.

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Browsing around,watch TV,drink(non-alcoholic),stroking my cats,etc.

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Yep, save the world – one cancer patient at a time.

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During the time I am actually on this site I don’t do much else. Right now I am listening for the baby who is taking a nap, and the washing machine is running, so when I hear it stop I’ll go move the wet clothes to the drier and put in another load of dirty clothes.

I am also listening to the wind blow and I hear an unusual amount of traffic on the major street two blocks away. After the clothes are finished washing, I will be moving the sprinkler every 20 minutes or so until I cover the whole lawn.

My other grandson will be arriving soon, and I will be watching him play. I’ll probably take the laptop outside and sit in the lounge chair at that time.

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I’ve been tanning out on my deck and fluthering at the same time. :-)

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I tend to check e-mail, do school work, watch tv, or read while fluthering. I’ve even cooked a few meals while fluthering.

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I listen to music, talk on the phone (sometimes), check my e-mails

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I sometimes do my work while fluthering, like now.

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