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IPod touch music qestion

Asked by dark_eye (4points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Missing song

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ok a few mins ago I tried to find a song I bought from the iTunes store embeded in the iPod . I listen to it slot over a spans of a week and now I can’t find it.
any help would be great

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First, I’d make a couple suggestions about using fluther. Ask the question in the question spot. Instead of “Ipod touch music question” something like “I’m missing a song on my Ipod Touch..Help? ” might be more accurate. Then in the description part instead of “missing song” you might try the stuff you submitted as an answer. Also for tags, you might try “Music, Ipod Touch, Apple” or something, to try to get it directed to the right people.

Now, in response to your question, have you looked in iTunes? If you purchased a song and it is no longer in iTunes, you can restore it by going to Store (up at the top) and choosing “Check for Purchases” That will redownload anything you paid for that might have been deleted.

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I had some purchased songs disappear from my iPod touch a while back. They disappeared after synching back with my Mac, and weren’t anywhere to be found. I think it was a bug related to manual updating of music on the first firmware revision and I’ve not had it happen since. “Check for Purchases” didn’t fix it (it generally doesn’t if you’ve just deleted the files – only if they failed to download, afaik), but iTunes support were extremely efficient in getting back (inside a day) and making the files available for re-download.

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