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Is it possible to reschedule a child's birth?

Asked by bolwerk (10327points) June 11th, 2010

My wife is due in late July, but I already had plans to go on a fishing trip. Is there any way to reschedule?

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You need to reschedule YOUR trip, not the birth of a baby. Don’t be a jerk.

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She could always clench her buttocks as if holding onto a $100 bill I s’pose.

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This should help.

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C-section. Whenever you want. Maybe mid-July? Or, you could buy envidula’s pregnancy extension powder. The lite version gets you an extra three days. Heavy-duty version gets you five days. You want more, and you’re talking black magic. Not my forte.

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Get an atheist to stand in at the birth for you and don’t worry about it. Good luck with the fishing.

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Are you serious? C-section or vaginal birth?

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The due date is approximate. The baby could be born two weeks before, or two weeks after. How does your wife feel about you going on a fishing trip right around the baby’s due date?

The only way to be certain about the due date is to ask the doctor about scheduling a C-section or an induction. However, I can’t imagine they would do it early (and would you want to leave your wife on her own with a newborn?) and they probably wouldn’t do it without good reason. There’s no way to delay labor, it just happens when it happens.

When I was expecting my youngest, my doctor gave me the option of making an appointment ahead of time to have labor induced. This was because my first two babies were born very quickly and one of them was quite large. He felt that an induction would ensure we were at the hospital when the baby was born and prevent me from having to push out another whopper. However, the earliest they could schedule the induction was a week and a half before my due date. Without a medical reason, the hospital refused to do it sooner.

Anyway, a fishing trip can be rescheduled. The birth of your child can’t. If you were my husband and you asked me this question while I was pregnant, I’d smack you. :)

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I agree with @MissAusten. If everything goes well with your wife’s pregnancy, generally she could expect to have the baby anytime between mid-July and mid-August. However, if things got complicated, that could change.

Inductions are not fun and in my opinion, should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. I would be very upset if my husband pushed for us to induce on a certain day just so he could make a fishing trip. I was induced due to medical complications a month early. I was lucky that my son was healthy even with being early.

How far away is the trip from where you live and the hospital? If you were to go on the trip and your wife went into labor while you were gone, could you quickly make it back to her? How does she feel about the trip? Before canceling the trip, talk to your wife about it and think about how it would work out if she went into labor while you were gone. If you couldn’t make it back to her quickly, you should try to reschedule your trip.

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Inductions hurt like a bitch. Don’t put your wife through that.

I say this knowing full well this question is a complete joke.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You’re very right about inductions. I had pitocin twice. The first time, it felt like someone was taking a chainsaw to my innards. The second time, I had an epidural. Bliss!

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Cervadil and Pitocin for me. Two epidurals – neither one took. Worst thirty-seven hours of my life, not counting the hemorrhage afterward – which I blame on being hooked up to Pitocin for thirty-seven hours.

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Wow. At least the time I was induced without the epidural went fast, only an hour and a half. I was scared to have an epidural, and later regretted it. The whole experience would have been much better (if that’s possible when the baby is huge). In fact, it was so bad that when my other son was born I asked for the epidural 20 times before they even started pitocin, and at the first twinge of pain I said I was ready for it. There was no way I was going through that again.

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Pitocin was given to me when my baby was sort of in distress, to try to make my contractions even 10cms. I’m sure you’ve already guessed…it led to a csection :(

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