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Favourite moment from Soccer/Football so far?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 11th, 2010

On Yahoo’s home page, they keep score and you can recap the game. So far 1–1 South Africa and Mexico; 0–0 Uruguay and France.

I don’t know why anyone would want to recap the 0–0 game but hey.

So, enjoying the games so far? Who you rooting for?

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The Mexico-SA game was great, but the Uruguay-France game was chippy and boring. I’m excited for USA-England tomorrow.

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C’mon England

I’m really looking forward to England vs USA and I predict 2–1 to England

I can’t believe it’s in South Africa though, that country is way too fucked up to host a tournament of this size

Don’t be surprised if no Americans make it to the world cup

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USA 2 England 1. I’m taking bets. At 5 lurve increments. I expect a GQ for every goal, a GA for 2–1 like I predict.

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Well nothing in the opening matches inspires, but every world cup starts off this way.Teams are playing their way into the tournament & nobody wants to lose their first match.As for who i’m “rooting” for, well i’d say more like sweating blood for, ENGLAND of course.Looking forward to a potential semi final with the Brazillian’s.Just don’t lose on penalties again, I couldn’t & wouldn’t be able to take that, not again surely not….i’m begging now & it’s not becoming so I shall cease forthwith.Stiff upper lip & all that.

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I am rooting for the Fatherland, obviously, even though I am not interested in football. I will not watch any matches either.
I would cheer for Japan, but they usually do not do well in World Cups. Maybe this time they will make it out of the group stage.
The US will not make it out of the group stages. They lost against the Czech and Ghana at the last cup and finished last in their group.

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Germany vs Australia, the first goal by Podolski. Pure perfection.

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It seems Germany are better without Ballack.

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Holland just tied Brasil 1–1! Woohoo – Go Holland!

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The Netherlands beat Brazil!

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Let’s go Orange !!

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