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Have you ever had a question that just vanished?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) June 12th, 2010

Have you ever noticed anyone of your questions vanish after it has been kicked back to you to clarify or fix something? Either it keeps getting kicked back until it vanishes or it just vanishes right off the bat and never appears again even after 24 hours of waiting?

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Yes, several times when a question went to moderation it vanished after I edited it.

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Yeah, only once though. My question got pushed to editing, so I edited it and sent it back in and then I never heard from it again. I think the ninjas stole it from my awesome panda grip. Sad panda.

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That’s just how it goes. You try to edit, then depending on how it went, it’ll get posted, returned or zapped. I always try to put myself in the mods shoes when I get frustrated. That’s also why I’ll never be a mod.

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I haven’t had that happen. Not yet LOL.

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Yes, and to their credit, the mods saw right through my attempt at obtaining gratuitous lurve….in fact I think I will try again today!

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That’s called, The Fluther Triangle.

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Yes, but they came back.
@ChazMaz such a great answer if I could give you 10x lurve I would!
@zenele love your new avatar!

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Yup again, just now, but it went with my blessing.

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No. Most of my questions get “sent back for editing,” and so I usually just abandon them; mainly because I’m totally pissed that I’m not even allowed to see the answers it got while it was available.

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@anartist Thanks but it’s temporary. Too much pressure to stay with Picard after so many years.

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@zenele Oh, THAT’S what picard meant on the other thread . . . now I get it!

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@Cruiser “Yes, and to their credit, the mods saw right through my attempt at obtaining gratuitous lurve” What was those questions like, the obvious like “is boinkig fun”? Maybe “are bees louder than snoring man”?

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