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Recovery Ideas for Foley Catheter Damage to Male Ureter?

Asked by gondwanalon (19846points) June 12th, 2010

I had a heart ablation 3 days ago that required me to lay flat on my back for 18 hours. A Foley Catheter was put into my bladder at the start of the procedure which was just a slight pain. The Foley stayed in for about 20 hours and removal was very painful, about a level 8. Urination has been extremely painful, about 8 to 9 (Pain level 10 is rolling around on the ground screaming) at times and always generates a bloody urine. My problem is even worse as I have to take anticoagulants (Lovenox, Coumadin and aspirin) in oder to break up clot formation from the ablation procedure. If there isn’t any improvement with my ureter by in 2 days, I’ll seek help at an Urgent Care clinic. In the mean time do you have any ideas?

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Oh man! A foley should not hurt like that. Persoanlly I don’t know if I’d could wait 2 days. But if you are decided I’d keep drinking water to try to clear things out. Resist the temptation to not drink. The standard therapy is drink, walk, drink, walk. But you’ve got something else going on here.

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I am not so sure that the damage is to your ureter as to your urethra or bladder itself. You haven’t described any back pain. Pain on urination and bloody urine would suggest that you should be seen immediately (and certainly long before 48 hours elapses). While infections are always a concern, placement and removal of a foley from the penis can cause more mechanical injuries (damage to the bladder from placement, damage to the urethra from incomplete deflation of the bulb before removal, etc.). Even a slight injury that is bleeding internally will be made worse by the medications you are taking.

Urgent Med (Doc in the Box) may be able to help, but I would call the surgeon and explain your symptoms (you may have received a piece of paper with instructions for things to pay attention to after you return home). For me, I would be on the way to the emergency room about now.

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