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How are you feeling today - in LOLCAT?

Asked by zenele (8257points) June 13th, 2010

I am getting addicted to them. I’m sure there are kazillions by now. The best site, I think, is simply but what’s your favourite pic?

Talk to me – in lolcats.

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Welcome to 2007.

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We are always a few years behind here.

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I hear ya ^

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I wud, butt I tinkz eetz brakkin teh roolz.

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^^ you reminded me of a wis.dmer who was here – I wonder if she is still is…

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Who? Who?

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^^ Why sad?

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Funeral tomorrow. D: My “adopted” grandfather. My best friend is giving the eulogy. It’s going to be stressful.

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That’s such a good site! I can’t even pick which one. I think I’ll go look for a while.

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my child will not leave me alone. and I’ve been up cleaning for a while. oy.

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