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What are some of your favourite movie theme songs/tunes?

Asked by ucme (46640points) June 14th, 2010

Yeah not the soundtrack just the opening &/or closing titles.Maybe iconic classics or some not so well known.

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The Godfather Trilogy
Disney’s Fantasia

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Summer Overture from Requiem for a Dream.

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“Make Someone Happy” by Jimmy Durante at the end of Sleepless in Seattle. Not my fav on the movie but u wanted “beginning or end.”

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The Jazz soundtracks of Woody Allen’s NYC movies; Annie Hall, Manhattan, Play it again, Sam.

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@gailcalled Woody’s tunes are fabulous!!

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The theme to Twin Peaks/Fire Walk with Me. Here.

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I love the music played in the movie The Medicine Man.

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Theme From A Summer Place, the movie.

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Escape From New York

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Clannad – Harry’s Game
My favorite from the album is In a Lifetime (duet with Bono) though,

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@Vunessuh Requiem for a Dream has one of my favorite soundtracks EVER. :)

I’m also a sucker for anything by Danny Elfman. And I love me some Bernard Herrmann.

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Oh my God, i almost forgot that great, great series League of Gentlemen, @aprilsimnel ..
Thanks, i am going to find some episodes to watch them later!

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The Clockwork Orange sound track is a classic and still one of my favorites. It it’s a pretty interesting mix. And even though I’m not a believer I have always like the opening from Trip to Bountiful There are so many great songs from the movies.

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Anything from Hair.

Easy to be Hard

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Going in with the obligatory Star Wars.

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More from Hair.

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Theme to Nightmare Before Christmas…Although I do like the Panic! At the Disco version better.

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The Terminal
Peter Gunn
2001 A Space Odyssey
“Baby Elephant Walk” from HATARI!

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OH! Movies! Sorry.

Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft
Larry Kusic and Nino Rota – Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)
John Williams – Superman theme
Monty Norman – James Bond Theme

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah great movie great soundtrack. Another appearance from Mr. Shaw, hmmm interesting.

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The Gershwin soundtrack from “An American in Paris.”

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@ucme-Yes.Intreresting how it worked out that way ;)

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