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New iPhone 3G: black or white?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) July 10th, 2008

And why? I think black looks cooler but I heard that the white is actually less prone to smudging with the glossy casing?

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I’m thinking white for myself whenever I get it because I think I will see less in the wild.

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Im getting black because my MacBook is black and matching is important. I

Plus my roomate is getting a white one so it will help us in telling the two apart if I get black.

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I kind of want to get white because I have a feeling it’s not going to be as popular, but then I want black because it kind of just works with the face. I think Apple should have made the face white on the white 3G.

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I say get a white one but then get a tattoo on top of it. You know that will be available soon.

Of course, a tattoo would look good on a black one too.

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Well thats three for white, one for black. Maybe there will be more white out there than you guys think.

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Or maybe we just said that so you would get a white one when we know the black one won’t be out there as much. ;)

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dang Ill have to get black if white
Is popular lol

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I personally would go for black. Black is always classy and never goes out.

Too bad they don’t make a Zebra one for the ones that can’t decide.

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Black cause its not 300$

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“White is right”.

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Note: the white 3G iPhone only available in the 16GB model.

I’m not upgrading, but I think the white iPhone would be trendier.

Another consideration: The color may not be such a big deal unless you’re keeping your phone naked.

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16Gb White – I’m waiting in line right now 4:30 local time here (NJ)

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I think the black one looks better as the back matches the front sort of…

Also that seems to be the only colour Apple shipped to the UK.

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I love my I phone! Yet, i guess not enough, because tomorrow morning, I’ll be getting the new white 3g. Good thing I work directly accross from Apple! Bad thing I have to get up earlier as I have to open my store at 9.

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I’ve got the white iPhone. It’s awesome!

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They ran out of black like three people before me so I left. No sense in not getting what I want since I already have an iPhone.

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I like white because of the way it contrasts with the black front.

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Why only black and white? Why not red? green? blue? or that hot pink the Razr has?

Apple is homophobic – no rainbow of colors there. ;)

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They used to be very homosexual back in the day, they freaking logo was a rainbow filled apple.

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mrj: Was not Apple the first computer company to come out with computers in various colors? Think back to the original iMac, and then it was copied all over the place. They even had a flower power one, not to mention the Shuffles and Nanos.

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also i want the white one

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Get black then get a cool case. I like the thin kinda rubbery ones. Your bare iPhone is going to get scratched.

A screaming comment to Apple: : “Why can’t I use my silver metallic gen 1 case back on a 3G iPhone !!”

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I just got a black one. They just look cleaner.

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