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Tumblr:How do i change the color of a particular letter and not the whole word on the main title?

Asked by madscie (1points) June 15th, 2010

The heading on my blog is E-Tron where i would like just to have the letter ‘E’ in green and the rest in black

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<font color=“green”>E</font>-Tron

You could try to jack with the various CSS elements instead, but sometimes the simplest solution is best.

[EDIT::] do not copy and paste that text above. Fluther uses smart quotes which are not supported by the HTML spec. I suggest you type it out manually.

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Even though @robmandu‘s solution would likely work, the <font> tag has been deprecated, so it would be a bit nicer to move to something else.

<span style=“color:Green;”>E</span>

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On my really lazy days, you might catch me employing tables for layout or even (gasp!) using the <center> tag. ;-P

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