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Why do electric fans have the high setting first?

Asked by LostInParadise (28133points) June 16th, 2010

One of life’s minor annoyances. Does everybody else but me prefer having the high speed go on first, or is it just easier to manufacture fans that way? There is another variation that has the off position in the middle. Why can’t they just go from off to low speed to high speed?

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I think they like to make a good first impression ;)
It bugs me too

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It is wired that way so the motor has full power to it when it is first starting up. It gives you an extra shot if you are immediately going to the low speed so you reach the desired speed quicker..
Car A/C controls have a similar weird arrangement. In general, you have to pass through the A/C settings to reach the heat. Why? So you cycle the compressor on even during the winter to prevent it from seizing up.

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Beyond any technological reasons, there are economic reasons you would want people to be encouraged to use the high setting, which making it the first setting must do. Running the motor on high lowers the lifespan of the product and uses more energy. Great for our overconsumption-dependent society.

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Because low and medium suck.

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@chazmac I was about to phrase something like that. Cool. But that’s the truth!

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I love this question. I think it makes no sense also,

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