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Those of you who have a Fluther t-shirt, how do the sizes run?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21462points) June 17th, 2010

I’ve wanted one for a while and I have a little bit of dough now, so I’m thinking of buying one. I was wondering if the sizes run normal, large, or small, so I can avoid having to exchange it and all of that.

Thank you!

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I’d say mine fits about normal.

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I hear that the T-shirts are pre-worn by the staff for a week.
Getting their Jelly all over them.

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I had to send mine back for a larger size; I think they run a little small – or I run a little big!

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The women’s sizes run very small and are suitable only for willow wands with a lean body and breasts no bigger than 36 B.

I bought a men’s L and altered it. Shortened and hemmed bottom, cut ribbing out of neck, made it round and hemmed it.

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Yes – I think I started out with a women’s medium and had to switch it for a men’s medium.

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The men’s are cut for this body type. I I

The women’s like this ) (

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They’re definitely a slender fit. Form-fitting, unfortunately for my form.. @gailcalled now that’s dedication!

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@ubersiren: I did it because we were going to have a summer family reunion, and I wanted Ben to recognize me.

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See if you have any American Apparel shirts (or try to borrow one) because that’s what they are.

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@gailcalled Lol… good idea!

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I’m a busty woman, and I got a men’s XXL. Gives me a little room to move, which I prefer. I roll up the sleeves, and routinely stretch out the neck before I put it on (it rides a little high up on my neck for my comfort.) If I had the skills, I’d alter the neckline.

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Auggie, tell me again about you being a busty woman. And please, talk s l o w l y.

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I got the largest size and it fits me just fine.

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I got a women’s small. They’re from American Apparel, which for women’s tees tend to run small.

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@janbb Yeah I agree… Just a tad bit on the small side.

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I am b…u…s…t…y.

Was it good for you?

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Okay, well, that definitely rules out the women’s shirts for me. I am not built like any woman on the planet, anyway, and those things tend to make me look like an overstuffed sausage casing.

I usually wear a men’s large and am thinking of getting that. I don’t have any American Apparel shirts to compare, wish I did because that’d be so easy!

Thanks for all your input. :)

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@MissAnthrope: The men’s run small also so I would suggest the XL in order to feel free, free at last.

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@gailcalled – Awesome, thanks for the heads-up!

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