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Why doesn't Fluther make larger shirts to help out us overweight Jellies?

Asked by Unclepepsi (900points) August 26th, 2011

Why don’t they have options for 2x or 3x. I want a shirt, I would probably buy a couple, but the don’t have my size. Am I the only bigger jelly with this problem?

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Wait, there are fluther shirts?! And no one told me? Or did I miss that memo or fall asleep during that meeting…

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@King_Pariah Fluther merchandise can be found here:

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Don’t expect high quality on zazzle… the keychain was flimsy and broke within a week. The t shirt had obvious pressmarks from the transfer- looked like they used printer transfers, not an actual screening process, and for almost $30? Zazzle, not Fluther sucks.

I can get high quality t shirts printed for my company for $8—$10.

I still love my Fluther shirt, just don’t plan to buy more until Fluther changes companies.

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Aren’t Fluther shirts available elsewhere?

I got one when I became a mod and it’s screenprinted on an American Apparel t-shirt. American Apparel stuff runs small, so it’s a tad bit snug, but the quality is awesome.

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Same as the bastard. But that wasn’t a Zazzle shirt. I think they used back then.

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@johnpowell ah, so I take it they only make them through Zazzle now?

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Well, it’s not as if nobody ever suggested this PRIOR TO the changeover.

I was quite vocal about the necessity of an option for larger sizes as well as different colors. I can’t find it now, (hopefully someone can find it and put the link in) but there was a Q posted by Auggie a while ago asking for input on suggestions for other T-shirt companies and what the collective would like if/when Fluther offered a wider selection than the baby-crap- brown of the originals.

Among other things, it was mentioned during the discussion that the current company’s sizing tended to be on the small side.

I made my plea to keep in mind that this would make it difficult for larger sized people.

Obviously, that was totally ignored by the powers that be even tho someone (I think it was Gail) mentioned how simple it was to take in a larger size shirt very easily to make it more form-fitting at the waist for slimmer ladies.

You would think the obvious fact would not be ignored that, if it’s too wide cut, it’s an easy fix, but there is no alternative if it’s too small. You can’t ADD FABRIC that is not there, duh.

And it’s not just overweight people who are inconvenienced. There are plenty of tall, athletic and muscular, or larger framed (NOT NECESSARILY OVERWEIGHT) people who need a 2X-3X if they’re simply broad shouldered and tall.

I really don’t understand why that would have been such an impossibility to find. I know that some clothing companies routinely add a couple of bucks extra for anything larger than a 1X but those who routinely need a 2X or more are already used to that. And $30 is pretty steep to pay for small shirts without even an OPTION for those needing larger sizes.

2X is not that unusual a size nowadays. It just isn’t.

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You can actually customize the shirts on Zazzle, choosing a different brand of T-shirt to print it out on. Different brands may offer bigger sizes. We used to use Insanely Great Tees, and you can still order the old shirt here. The bad news is, it only comes in brown and small sizes. I think the print quality was better on the old ones (I have one of each), but the customizing options are better on Zazzle. Pros and cons, I guess. By the way, the stickers are good!

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@Buttonstc True, I have massive shoulders. I would probably just get one of those iron-on papers, prnt the logo on that, cut it out and make my own.

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The t-shirt comes in 2X and 3x. What is the problem?

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I guess I just assumed that the info posted by the OP was accurate but didn’t check it out for myself at 4 AM.

My bad. Sorry :(

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You know that when you need a t shirt larger than 3XXX then the problem isn’t the- t shirt.

Just get two and sew them together – or maybe fluther should start printing tents.

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@zensky Holy shit! You regenerated again??

And uber LOL

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