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The color Sienna or Dark Brown for this bag?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) June 17th, 2010

I’m thinking of buying this bag but i’m not sure which color would be better. The Sienna or Dark brown?

Here’s the picture

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I like the Sienna version better.

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I prefer Sienna better. As time goes on, the colour of the bag will darken anyway.

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I vote for the sienna as well.

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I’m a big luggage color fan which is similar to sienna (everything i buy is that color) but i like the dark brown better for this one.

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I like the sienna one better.

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Dark Brown.

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I actually like them both. Get the one which is not similar in color to bags you already own.

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The dark brown looks kind of drab but it will go with anything.

The Sienna is much nicer looking and will still go with nearly anything.

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The left.

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Personally, I prefer the dark brown, especially as the bag looks to be artificial leather. In my opinion, I think that lighter or more orange-toned artificial leather tends to look a bit cheaper and more obviously artificial, because it never wears and darkens in the way that genuine leather does. For that reason, I think artificial leather tends to look better in darker shades of brown. Having said that, this is entirely subjective, and just my personal preference!

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Sienna…...because it’s a shade lighter you can use it in the summer as well as winter. A dark brown is really more appropriate only for autumm/winter.

But that’s just my own take on these.

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I vote Sienna also.

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I really like the dark brown bag. I’m not much of a bag person, but that one stands out to me. I’d buy it.

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The sienna would look better if you wear a lot of blue, and mostly black shoes.

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