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What's your favorite purse/handbag like?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) June 21st, 2009

Is it a famous expensive brand, or did you get it on clearance at Target? Is it dripping in gold trinkets or is it made of corduroy? Get it from a high end boutique or a vintage store?

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mine is a cheap 5 quid portemonnaie from the supermarket that easily fits into a pocket

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My pockets.

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My favorite is a Valentino that I got for 70% off but still spent several hundred dollars for. It is a brown leather “hobo bag” that seems to look better the more worn out it gets. I have accidentally spilled things on it and quickly cleaned it off, and the leather just seems to get softer and have more character. I love it!

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@casheroo, you’re my kind of woman, ROWRRR!!!

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Right now I’m carrying a brown Coach bag that I got at for $60.
But this is my signature bag; I’ve named it Henrietta. My dream purse is a black Kate Spade handbag that I once saw in a newspaper interview, and have yet to find in her collection.

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The important things to me about a purse are not its outer surface or its pedigree, but its skeleton.

To make me happy a purse needs to have several (three is a good number) major compartments and many smaller (several zippered) compartments. My current purse has an outside cell phone pocket that I love, love, love!

A perfect purse also has a snap for my key ring, but I find those hard to find these days.

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I have 3 Coach bags that I rotate for daily use, one big orange Timberland computer bag, and quite a few vintage handbags from the 70s.

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The favorite bag is still kicking around, a Black smooth leather with croc embossed leather trims and it’s many years old. The bags wear very well and are excellent quality so I can add a new one into rotation every few years and they still look near new.

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@hungryhungryhortence : Very pretty!

@PandoraBoxx: Hahaha.. awesome! Also, goodwill online = great idea.

@Marina: I desire the same “skeleton” in a purse. I have yet to find the perfect one, but am acquiring quite a collection. Bags are my only fashion interest.

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I use a clutch. A bright yellow clutch with no other pattern or design. It is, I admit, very plain and not necessarily worthy of a “favorite bag” title. But I got it from a friend for my birthday a long time ago, and I still use it to this day.

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Right now, I’m carrying a denim bag with a brown leather strap that is packed with crap. My favorite, however, is a messenger bag that I bought online that is decorated with NYC subway graffiti. It was meant to be a backpack, but it turned out not to be big enough, so I got to get another one!

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I have several Fossil purses that I love. I’ve not seen to many Fossil purses I didn’t like. My favorite is an orange suede one with several different compartments. I spilled some Mt. Dew on it though, so I need to figure out where to get it cleaned. Right now I’m carrying a kind of hobo bag looking thing that is red and gold with a big fat gold chain on it. It’s really tacky and I love it. I like what I call dump bags. It’s just a big purse and everything falls to the bottom and you have to dig for what you’re looking for. I like those because I can get the most stuff in them, like a book I’m reading and my lunch along with all my other junk.

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I love purses that I get at goodwill or various other random places.. not target and definitely not walmart and shit, I hate having the same purse as everyone else and living in a small town, it happens a lot. I try to mix it up.
my favorite purse was a dollar at some resale shop, but the strap broke a while ago so I’m using one that I got at h&m like four years ago.. good stuff

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It’s a hobo bag I’ve had for five years. It’s cloth with gold and green designs on it, really quite simple. It made me a firm believer in hobo bags.

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black leather minimalist envelope-style

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I keep all my stuff in a leather fanny pack, strapped around my waist. I can’t carry a shoulder bag, and I always lay my handbag down and forget it.

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I try to fit everything into a clip-on cell phone “purse” I got at AT&T. Unfortunately, lots of womens clothing has no pockets or shallow pockets, so that doesn’t always work. I like to have my hands free to do stuff, so I really don’t like to carry a purse at all.

I don’t use fanny packs because I have too much fanny already.

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@Darwin My fanny pack is more like a belly bag, the way I carry it

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i have a massive navy blue mock-croc skin bag that i got for £10!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

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@skceb1234 : Oooh, that sounds sexy.

@YARNLADY: Belly bag- I love it! You chould just get some cargo pants with an obnoxious number of pockets up and down the legs to put things in.

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My favorite purse is a Kate Spade tote in orange wool felt and pink leather. It’s a good medium-size that can hold all the necessary stuff. Right now I’m using a gigantic Lacoste bag that can hold absolutely everything on the planet. I’ve got a Vera Bradley bag that I like because it’s got lots of pockets on the inside, but those seem to wear very quickly, so I don’t use that so much anymore.

For my main purse I tend to gravitate toward high-end brands, but I’ve got my fair share of totes from Target and the like. I’ve yet to spend more than $200.00 on a purse and would have a hard time justifying spending much more than that.

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@YARNLADY If I wore it as a belly bag I either would never be able to see it or would never fit through turnstiles. I have plenty of belly, too.

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@aliisyourfriend – Ouch! $200 for a bag to tote your stuff around in?!

In the days when I did still carry a purse, the most I spent was $9.95 at Kohl’s on sale. I also got a couple of nice bags from Goodwill for $5.00 on half-price day.

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The reason I am willing to spend more on a purse is because I am NOT one of those organized women who change their handbag with every outfit. It is something that I will carry and use every day. It is more important than say a pair of shoes or a blouse that only get worn once in a while.

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@Judi – That is why I generally used to pick a cheap purse in a either Navy blue or red. Then I would use it until it wore out. I’m not organized either, but Navy blue is sort of forgettable (and goes with blue jeans) and red is easier to find when I misplace it (and goes with blue jeans).

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But can you absolutely LOVE a $20.00 handbag?

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Why do I want to love a purse? I’d rather love a person.

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@Darwin ; Tap you’re inner girly girl.~ Because it makes you feel pretty! ;-)

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@Judi – It would take one heck of a purse to make me feel pretty. I drive a truck, wear bluejeans, and show every bit of my experience on my face.

My husband makes me feel pretty, though.

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@Darwin ; It’s girls like you that knock their socks off when you put in the effort!

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@Judi – Sounds too much like work.

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@Darwin ; I’m sure you knock your hubby’s socks off all the time;-) and you don’t even need a $700.00 handbag.

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Bags are the only thing I’m sort of girly about. I rarely wear dresses, and when I do they’re long and tent-like. I change mine with the seasons usually, and I’ll switch it up if it totally will not go with what I’m wearing, but most of my clothes are the same sort of style, so they almost all go. And I do have a few dressy little purses for special occasions (weddings, anniversary dinners etc).

@Darwin : From the looks of things, you’ve grown a snout and substantial facial hair! Just kidding. I bet you’re prettier than you think. Most people are. Who cares if you’re a tough chick. The beauty of being a woman is that if we really want to, we can totally whore it up… er, I mean soften up. We’re even still pretty at our worst. I can relate; I am at my worst. I weigh a shocking number of lbs and it’s summer, so I’m constantly sweaty and red. I’m the poster-child of American fatties right now.

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@ubersiren ; I was all ready to give you lurve, then you called yourself a “fatty!;(
I gave you lurve anyway, but that was not any affirmation of your self deprecating remarks. Stop that negative self talk and let the beauty within out in the sunshine!!!

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Hear, hear, @Judi! Stop that!, @ubersiren! After all, you’re the ÜBER SIREN.

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@Darwin – To be fair, I’ve only spent $200 on one bag and I’m planning on having that thing until I die. I’d rather spend $200 on a bag that will last me 20 years than $20 on a new bag every year.

I am an admitted girly-girl, though. Shoes and purses and dresses, oh my!

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@aliisyourfriend – SInce I live with a bipolar person I can’t count on owning anything for a lifetime, but I seemed to get by with spending $10 every three or four years for a purse for when I have to have one.

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my favorite purse is my large leather, light pink Dolce & Gabbana bag i bought in NYC !
It has two different strap options (one long strap and two small) and it has a bunch of gold buckles on it ! i love it :)

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I am sooo girly. I switch bags often. Usually I keep my cash/cards/ID in a coach wristlette and throw that inside my bigger bag. This way if I just need to run in a store really quick I grab that. My current favorite is a teal leather Michael Kors. It has big chunky hardwear and it’s so nice. I’m really wanting a Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B. or a Goldenbleu but can’t afford one right now. I think you can find pretty bags in all price ranges- from target to high end. The only thing I truly hate is knock offs. They look like crap, and it’s obvious it’s fake. Nobody carries a LV and then wears dirty old sneakers. I would rather admit I can’t afford something than try to fake it.

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tried to find a picture of it, but couldn’t.
i have two favourites. one is a big slouchy betsey johnson leopard print one, made of corduroy. it has a big pair of lips and ‘xo betsy’ on the front in rhinestones, which honestly i could do without, since the rhinestones fall off anyway. my mum bought it for me for my 16th birthday, and it’s big enough to use for staying over friends’ houses, school if i don’t have to carry books, etc. i’m not that into buying fancy name-brand bags, but i really love betsey johnson, and it was on sale, and a gift. so. (:

my other favourite is a suede (i never ever use leather, but this was already bought and used, so it’s not increasing the supply/demand, etc, but i still feel guilty) medium-sized bag from mexico. it was my mum’s, but she never uses it and i love it, and she gave it to me. it’s tan and brown, with really beautiful flowers on the front. i love it, and i’d use it more if i wasn’t afraid of it getting caught in the rain or something. ):

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