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Take a temp job I love or stay at my internship I started two weeks ago?

Asked by scars2b (111points) June 17th, 2010

The temp job is in an industry I want to get in, but haven’t been able too. But it’s only for a week! The internship may last for two more months.

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In the current job market, stay with the internship.

A favorite quote of mine is: It is not important that you do what you love, so much as you love what you do.

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Is it a paid internship?

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yup its paid, part-time hourly a little over minimum

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Talk to the people running the internship and see if you can get the week off to do the temp job. If they say ‘no’, then it is just a matter of deciding if you want to see through what you committed to or take the risk of spending a week working in a field that interests you.

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thanks everyone. great answers! i don’t know how many times fluther helped me out

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Let us know what you decide to do and how it turns out.

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sure will do!

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you should try your hardest to arrange to do both. This will get you face time with the industry you want to be in, and the internship might be able to work around this.

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@Pied_Pfeffer nailed it. I might even consider making up a bullet-proof excuse – “my cousin is getting married…”, “my grandma died…”, “my good friend I haven’t seen in ten years lives in Madagascar and is in town for this week only…” – to up the odds. If it’s just a week, the internship people should be willing to work around it.

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@lilikoi Thank you for your comment! Maybe this will be the one time I don’t have to end up apologizing for or wishing I could retract an initial statement.

@scars2b I encourage you not lie. Your reason to have the week off for this opportunity is good enough. And if they allow you to do so, you won’t have to weave a web of lies when you go back, and you’ll sleep much more peacefully.

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I would urge you not to lie, which is always a bad idea if you truly wish to remain on good ground. Like others have said, attempt to do both…or, explain the situation.

Be an honorable man. Be sincere. And, do everything with a joyous and open heart. Maybe things won’t always land in your favor, but you will feel good about yourself…and, mostly, you will land on your feet in life.

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@MissA IS scars2b male?

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@Pied_Pfeffer and @scars2b It was terrible of me to assume so. It was the ‘feel’ from the question (for whatever reason on my part) and I could be 100 percent wrong. If so, I truly apologize.

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i’m going to take the temp job. i left a couple messages to my boss on his cell, but no response.

feel bad for not giving them timely notice, but this temp job is a huge learning experience and a huge opportunity for me. i’ll let you guys know what the boss says, if they call back.

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Thanks scars2b. I look forward to hearing how it all turns out.

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He said he was disappointed that I didn’t let him know earlier or had given him a more customary notice but he wished me well at the end.

I guess it worked out, but I really hated having to leave him high and dry.

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